285 Hz Solfeggio Frequency – Benefits you should know

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Over the years, the use of sound in improving the human body has become very popular. Certain notes have been found to affect certain things such as sleep, stress, or even pain. They can have some profound effects on our minds and bodies.

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Do you know about the solfeggio frequencies? Well, if you have not, there is no need to worry. 285 Hz is among the solfeggio frequencies that have been found to affect our minds positively.

We prepared this article to help you understand the 285 Hz benefits. We will also discuss some ways in which you can get the best out of the frequency. Here we go.

Understanding Solfeggio Frequencies

These are frequencies that are consistent with the universe’s patterns mathematically. For centuries, these frequencies have been used to help a person achieve a certain state of consciousness and even heal the body.

285 Hz, to be specific has been found to help in treating the body. The healing sound of the 285 Hz solfeggio frequency has been discovered to help the skin heal and remove burns, treat your body, and get rid of certain damages.

Benefits of 285 Hz Solfeggio Frequency

Here are some common benefits of this frequency.

Sleep Quality

Sleeping is not always easy, even when you are completely tired. Fortunately, this frequency will help you clear your thoughts to have a deep and satisfying sleep.


Whenever you feel unrelaxed, simply play the sound of this frequency and you will be relaxed. It is one of the reasons why it is one of the preferred frequencies for meditation.

Clarity and Intuition

At some point, you will feel that your mind is filled with a wide range of thoughts, making it hard for you to think clearly. One of the 285 Hz benefits is the ability to help you focus on specific thoughts and make better decisions.

Healing Injuries and Improving Immune

This frequency will target your energy. It works best in solving issues to do with your energetic field and your aura.

When you listen to this frequency, your body reacts positively. That means that your body can heal faster from injuries that would have otherwise taken longer. Additionally, your body’s immune system is boosted to keep diseases away.

Tips to Help Improve the Effectiveness of 285 Hz

We recommend that you find a quiet place without distractions. This can be any place you feel comfortable. You also need to find a comfortable position. Whether sitting or lying down. All that matters is that you feel comfortable in that state.

You should then play the frequency track. If you have headphones, they are recommended. Otherwise, you do not have to worry. Find a volume that works for you, even though lower volumes are preferred for healing music.

It is also advisable to listen to music while you are focused, relaxed, and in a state of meditation. Open up your mind, focusing on the music and the flow of the music. Listen to it for 15 minutes or more for the best results.


Listening to certain frequencies can have some positive effects on your mind’s health. You simply need to open up your mind and you will feel the frequency’s effects. Let us know about your experience with the solfeggio frequencies.

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