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Incense – Is it bad for Dogs?

what incense are bad for dogs

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In many cultures, incense is considered a sign of sanctuary. When incense is used, whether in a yoga class or a Catholic Church, it tends to purify the environment and produce a peaceful feeling in the room in which you are. However, there are various types of incense. However, very many households have dogs and other pets around. It is important to consider their health, which is why we compiled information about the effects of different types of incense on dogs. We will help you understand what incense are bad for dogs and how you can enjoy the sweet fragrance of incense without exposing your dog to health risks.

Health Effects on Dogs

Is burning incense bad for dogs? The answer is yes. When you burn incense around your dog, you are putting him or her at risk of certain health issues. Burning incense will produce smoke. In the smoke, you will find several chemicals, which not only cause problems for dogs but humans and other animals as well. It is highly advisable that you use incense in an area that is ventilated properly when your dog is around.

Asthma in Pets

Is incense bad for dogs? How does it affect your dog?

A dog, just like a human being, can easily develop asthma. Asthma is a known respiratory disease that gives your dog some repeated instances of coughing, wheezing, as well as breathing difficulties. This disease is very common for dogs with flat faces, such as bulldogs, boxers, pugs, Boston Terriers, and others.

The triggers for asthma in dogs are similar to the asthma triggers for human beings. Some of these triggers are smoke, pollens, grasses, as well as aerosol sprays.

To identify an asthmatic dog, you will note certain symptoms, which include loss of appetite, heavy breathing, as well as weight loss, and intolerance to exercises.

Therefore, you should be aware that when you burn incense around an asthmatic dog, you might easily trigger it. Additionally, if the dog is not asthmatic, there are possibilities of causing asthma by burning the incense.

It is important to be aware of the dog and choose to burn the incense in an area that is ventilated properly. Make sure the windows and all the air inlets and outlets are open before you start burning the incense.

Positioning your Incense

Besides the harm that might be caused by the smoke, there is a risk of causing a fire with incense. The first rule you should always adhere to is to avoid leaving your dog unattended in a room with burning incense.

The burning ends of incense will easily burn things they are exposed to, including your dog’s fur. If you have a dog around, make sure that the incense is at a higher place that your dog cannot reach. Your dog might easily wag his or her tail and burn the tail. If knocked over, the incense will also become a fire hazard.

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You can easily add an amazing scent to your home without harming your dog using oil diffusers, dog-safe candles, as well as scented candles. Is incense safe for dogs? You should always remember that they are not and you should avoid burning them near your dog.

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