Are Sand and Fog Candles Worth It? Everything We Know

Sand And Fog Candles

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Finding a good candle brand in the ever-expanding market can be a challenge. There are different qualities of candles with different designs, colors, and scents.

Today, we will be looking at Sand and Fog – one of the top brands in the market. In this detailed Sand and Fog review, you will find detailed information to help you decide whether the company’s candles are worth your time and money.

About Sand and Fog Candles

Chai scented sand and fog candle

This is among the leading candle brands in the market. The brand was started based on a vision of three women. To produce a collection of quality candles that smell good with great designs. Following that vision, the brand has created an amazing collection that we especially appreciated.

Are Sand and Fog candles made with essential oils? The candles are made using soy blends or 100% soy wax. As for the fragrances, just like most scented candles, they are made with natural and synthetic ingredients. Regardless, the brand adheres to all standards set by NCA and IFRA.

To ensure that candles are also safe for people with allergies, synthetic and natural ingredients have to be used together.

Do Sand and Fog Candles Smell Good?

There is a wide range of scents from Sand and Fog. All the candles are made with amazing and honest fragrances. Some of their most popular fragrances include vanilla tobacco, cedar lavender, the woods, ocean mist, and tropical citrus.


Sand And Fog Two Wicks Candles

We all want a candle that improves your home with the scent and the décor. Candles by Sand and Fog are created to do more than provide a fresh scent. All candles are in unique jars decorated with wooden lids. The jar is meant to represent the candle’s fragrance.

The jar will represent the part of your home in which the fragrance works best – whether in the bedroom, dining room, or bathroom.

There are darker fragrances that are in darker jars that are meant for that environment. These jars are a great addition to your house’s décor.

Are Sand and Fog Candles Healthy?

Do Sand and Fog Candles have lead wicks or other potentially harmful substances? The wicks are made using 100% cotton. That provides a clean burn. There is no zinc or lead in the brand’s candles.

What about the glass?

The glass used for the candles has gone through safety testing by a third party and passed. It is recommended that you keep the glass away from other sources of heat. Also, do not burn the complete candle in the jar. When burning the last fraction of the wax, the container will become hot.

Is Sand and Paws the Same as Sand and Fog?

Sand and paws is simply a range of candles by Sand and Fog. They are a pet-safe range of candles.



We have all purchased that cheap candle that smells cheap and looks like trash in your house. However, as you can see from this Sand and Fog candles review, Sand and Fog is the exact opposite. They will be at a higher price but will be worth it. They have an amazing fragrance and design.

One thought on “Are Sand and Fog Candles Worth It? Everything We Know

  1. Terry says:

    Not for me. I purchased the Sand & Fog unscented tapers in red for Christmas and they dripped all over my good crystal candlesticks, the mantle and splattered the wall behind them. I’ll never buy this brand again!

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