Are Tarot Cards Haram in Islam?

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Different religions have core concepts regarding right and wrong, as well as what is allowed or forbidden. Islam is one of these religions. Muslims follow certain rules aimed to guide their lives, helping them follow the right path.

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Tarot cards are a sensitive topic for religion. Indeed, people constantly wonder whether tarots are permitted or not, whether they are good or evil. Today, we hope to find out, are tarot cards haram?

In this post, we aim to shed a light on the different views of reading tarot cars. Is tarot reading considered haram if not taken seriously? Let’s talk about it.

What a Muslim should do.

It is said that it is a Muslim’s duty to maintain the purity of Aqidah. A Muslim should not believe in any form of prediction. That means tarot cards, zodiac, and many more. When a Muslim believes these predictions, whether a lot or just a bit, it is unlawful.

That is mainly because believing them, even for a bit, will influence his or her trustworthiness. Those who are Muslims should place their trust in Allah.

As per the Quran, a person who visits a fortune teller, his prayers will not be answered for 40 days. That means that the person will not get his reward for the prayer, even though he is obliged to pray. Nevertheless, when the person visits a fortune teller, only to disapprove of the teller’s argument, it is permissible.

When a Muslim visits a fortune-teller or shaman and confirms, that he has disbelieved the Quran.

In summary, are tarot readings haram? You can decide that it is.

Using Tarot Cards as a Joke

Is tarot reading considered haram if not taken seriously

You might be wondering, what if I do not take it seriously? Is it haram if I bought a deck of tarot cards for someone else?

Well, let’s think of it this way. First, you know that tarot readings are haram. Believing them is a Shirk. Even when you paid for the tarot cards or the readings as a joke, you will have sinned. First, you will have sinfully used your time and even added some wealth to help a sinful business.

According to Quran, you should cooperate in righteousness and piety. You should not, however, cooperate in sin and aggression.

What you need to do is to repent sincerely for what you have done. Also, avoid doing it again. Even if internally you do not believe in tarot cards, you will have sinned in actions. That makes it haram to do it as a joke or even get some for your friends.

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To some of us, our faith is among the most important things in life. Ensuring that you do not deviate from your faith is important to ensure that you are doing what is right by your soul. If tarot cards are haram, you should try not to engage in any way.

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