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Are Woolzies Essential Oils Safe?

Woolzies essential oils

Essential oils are oils derived from plants in their concentrated form. They are derived from the different parts of the plant such as leaves, flowers, and roots, among others. However, as opposed to their name, essential oils are not greasy. They easily vaporize while in the open air. Essential oils are popular for their various benefits such as reducing stress, improving sleep, weight loss, memory loss, and reducing nausea.

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Woolzies essential oils are essential oils that are produced by a company that intended to provide safe, organic, and pure oils. These essential oils contain a mixture of three oils stress-free, citrus blast, and sleep genius. Each of these oils has its benefits for the user.

In this article, we will look at whether Woolzies essential oils are safe and whether they are pure to ensure you have all the information you need regarding Woolzies essential oils.

What Are Woolzies Essential Oils Made From?

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These essential oils are made from plant extracts. These could be flowers, resins, roots, and leaves, among others depending on the type of essential oil produced. They are concentrated and steam distilled. They are therefore purely natural. An example is Woolzies vanilla essential oil. It is made by infusing 60% vanilla beans in sunflower oil. Both of them are purely natural and safe for use.

In the case where the exact plant extract is unavailable, distillates of other essential oils, that are also made from plants, are used to replicate the plant extract. An example of this is the Woolzies jasmine oil. This essential oil is made from distillates of neroli oil, rose oil, geranium oil, lavender oil, and tuberose oil. These oils are fractionally distilled, blended, and put together in a way that the product has the natural properties of jasmine oil, even the scent. This oil is natural and does not contain any synthetic chemicals.

This is a clear indication that Woolzies essential oils are safe since all the ingredients are natural. Also, the Woolzies essential oils are pure. No synthetic chemicals are used in making these essential oils.

Are Woolzies Essential Oils Safe for Dogs?

Essential oils are naturally concentrated when extracted from plants. Animals have a higher sensitivity to smell than human beings. So, some care should be taken when using diffuse essential oils. It is advisable to use smaller amounts when the pets are in the room. Preferably one to three drops. Also, it is important to keep the room ventilated so that the dog can exit the room easily in case the oil is too concentrated.

Application of the essential oils directly to the dog is discouraged. This is because the potential of a dog to put up with essential oil is dependent on a lot of factors. It is advisable to ensure that the essential oil is safe for your dog by speaking to your animal care specialist before exposing or applying the oils to your dog.

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Are Woolzies Essential Oils Therapeutic Grade?

Woolzies Essential Oils

A lot of work goes into producing a small amount of essential oil. The number of flowers, leaves, and roots, that are used is immense. This ensures that even the tiniest drop of the essential oil has great quality in terms of concentration.

Consuming essential oils is often seen in culinary arts where a few drops are used to add seasoning to meals. Other than culinary arts, other people consume oils for therapeutic use. If consuming essential oils is for the latter reason, it is advisable to dilute them to avoid irritation of the digestive tract. However, these oils should not be diluted with water as the two do not mix. An edible oil such as coconut oil is suitable for diluting. Honey and syrup are also suitable diluents.

For an essential oil to be considered for therapeutic use, it has to be of very high quality and purest form possible to ensure no dangerous ingredients are in the oil. Woolzies essential oils are produced using the purest methods and from natural products ensuring that they are therapeutic grade.

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Essential oils have a lot of benefits when used appropriately. Some of the advantages include use in aromatherapy. They are also used to improve performance by reducing stress and enhancing attentiveness.

It is also crucial to ensure that the production of the essential oils maintains high quality. Woolzies essential oils are highly concentrated and pure, free of synthetic scents. These oils are tailored for your complete satisfaction. They contain healing and remarkable scents that keep you at your optimum performance.

In addition, Woolzies essential oils have different blends that you can choose from. Some of the most popular include lavender oil, sea breeze, meditation, and joy blend, among so many others. Choose the blend that is suitable for you and enjoy the limitless benefits of using Woolzies essential oils.

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