Are Yankee Candles at Walmart the Same?

Walmart Yankee Candles

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Candles are an amazing way of decorating your house. Whether scented or not, they are a must-have in every household. Several companies have grown to become among the most popular in the production of candles. Among the top candle brands, is Yankee Candles. Walmart introduced Yankee candles in stores and these candles are cheaper at Walmart. People have been wondering, why are Yankee candles cheaper at Walmart? We aim to help shed light on this topic and figure out if these candles are the same as the candles produced by Yankee Candles. Stay tuned for an insight on the matter.

Yankee Candles at Walmart

Walmart presented around 10 fragrances of Yankee candles in stores. These fragrances go for around $19.87. This is a lower cost, as compared to the $27.99 that they are usually worth. What is the reason for the Walmart candles vs. Yankee candles price difference?

If you have purchased the candles at Walmart, you will note a difference in the quality of the product. It is quite easy to tell the difference. According to different sources, Yankee candles produce a different product version for sale at Walmart. Supposedly, these products have lower quality in regards to glass, ingredients, and such. This is the main reason why these candles are sold at a lower price.

You should know that this does not mean that the candles sold at Walmart are fake. They have a quality that you will not find in other brands. The candles still have fragrances that will remain steady throughout the life of the candles. Each candle also has a wick that brings the best out of that candle’s fragrance.

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Walmart prides itself in presenting detailed and honest information about the products in their stores. However, if you want cheaper candles that are still legit, you should select from the line of products available at Walmart. Have fun making a purchase.

2 thoughts on “Are Yankee Candles at Walmart the Same?

  1. Karen Sweatman says:

    In my opinion, Better Homes and Gardens are the best quality candles Walmart offers. Burn performance, burn time, fragrance, price point, and throw are superior to Yankee candles and other brands I’ve purchased at Walmart.

  2. Renee says:

    The Yankee Candles at Walmart cant be the same as the main Yankee. The Walmart versions Ive ran across dont burn evenly and they barely smell up the room. Overall, its not the Yankee Candle quality that youd expect despite being from Yankee itself! I’d steer clear of the Yankee Candles at Walmart. You can certainly get a better bang for your buck with a different brand.

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