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Best Incense for Cleansing

Best Incense For Cleansing Negative Energy

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Incense is used to fumigate people or cleanse places, such as houses. The effects vary between products, with some being extremely strong and some very mild. People who do not have experience in using these strong kinds of incense might have detrimental effects when they use them. For that reason, we will not highlight these types of incense. The purest way to burn cleansing incense is by burning gum incense using charcoal. It is not difficult, although it might present some difficulties to those who do not know how to do it. In this post, we will teach you how to burn incense and explain some of the best types of incense you can use for cleansing.

Dragon’s Blood

Dragon's Blood Resin

Dragon’s blood is the safest and most potent type of incense for cleansing. It is produced from a gum resin extracted from a plant that is found in the Malay Peninsula. This type of incense is very popular in the States and is available in many herbs or spices stores around the country.

Usually, it will be sold in the form of a powder or a reed, which is a stick that is six inches in length and a diameter of one inch. If you prefer powder but cannot find it, you can make it using the reed by scraping it using a knife until you have adequate powder to use. Alternatively, you can choose to grind it using a mortar and pestle.


Burning Frankincense Resin

When you purchase frankincense from any herb store, you will receive it in the form of a gum resin, which is amber in color. It comes from the inner side of bark from a tree in the Burseraceae family. This material has been used as incense for a very long time and is frequently used. It is very popular in churches. Most of the incense you purchase from religious stores is 51% frankincense. Click here to learn more about frankincense.


benzoin resin uses

Benzoin is also an incense in the form of gum resin. The lumps are easy to crush using your hand and are more brittle than the alternatives. It is mainly used in the Greek Orthodox rite and Roman Catholic Church, although it is rare. You can use Frankincense and Benzoin together for a better effect. Mix four teaspoons of benzoin powder with six frankincense teaspoons. Add a quarter teaspoon to hot charcoal.

Burning Incense

It is important to take safety precautions. We do not want you to burn your house down, or leave any burn marks on your furniture. You should use a can or old saucer as a safe place to burn the charcoal. You can purchase some charcoal that self-ignites from any herb store or religious supplier. This type of charcoal is easy to use because all you have to do is ignite it using a matchstick and the heat will spread across the charcoal, leaving it red hot. You can then add the incense, whether in powder form or in the form of gum using a teaspoon. Add a quarter teaspoon each time for the best effects.


1. How often should I perform incense cleansing?

Performing incense cleansing depends on personal preference and the need for purification. Some do it daily, while others choose specific occasions or when they feel it’s necessary.

2. Can I mix different types of incense for a more potent effect?

Yes, experimenting with different incense types can create unique blends and intensify the cleansing effect. However, it’s essential to consider the properties of each type to achieve a harmonious mix.

3. Are there any cultural taboos associated with certain types of incense?

While certain cultures have specific preferences, there are no universal taboos. It’s respectful to learn about cultural practices and choose incense accordingly, but personal preferences often play a significant role.

4. Is incense cleansing suitable for people of all spiritual beliefs?

Yes, incense cleansing is a versatile practice that transcends religious and spiritual boundaries. It can be adapted to align with various belief systems and personal preferences.

5. What are alternative methods for cleansing if I’m sensitive to incense smoke?

For individuals sensitive to smoke, alternatives like smudging with herbs, using essential oil diffusers, or employing sound cleansing techniques can offer effective purification without the use of incense.


A wide range of incense is available in different forms and brands all over the world. It is best to learn the different types and find one that you appreciate most.

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