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Incense is a great and very effective tool for different spiritual practices. One of the major benefits associated with the burning of incense is protection. Incense has been part of purification and protection rituals for a very long time. It is known to be effective in the consecrating and cleansing of sacred spaces, eradication of negative energies, as well as the inclusion of higher spiritual vibrations.

It is not only effective but also inexpensive and simple; a very good way of enhancing your spiritual practices when you are welcoming harmonious and protective energies into your space.

So, which types of protection incense scents are on the market? Well, the following is a detailed list of all the incense that would protect you in space or remove the negative energies. Keep reading for further details.


Let us start with Myrrh. Being one of the ancient fragrances, it is quite effective in healing, improving spiritual connections, as well as clearing negative energies. In the Bible, Myrrh was offered to Baby Jesus together with gold and Frankincense, which shows its importance as a resin. Additionally, it was used in the process of mummification. The ancient Egyptians also used it for healing and other spiritual rituals. But that’s not all. Myrrh will clear all the negative energy from your house and still help maintain a certain state of enlightenment.


Burning Frankincense Resin

This is also a great way of improving protection in your house. It is popular for purification, protection, relieving stress, as well as improving spiritual awareness. Frankincense is an effective way of enhancing clairvoyance and intuition, which makes it great for meditation. It was extremely expensive in the past because of its use as an incense for protection.


amber scent meaning

Amber works as an antiseptic and immortality restorative. It is a great protection agent. In the beginning, it was made with the main purpose of healing its tree and prevent any type of infection. The resin produced is extremely strong and the original structure can remain in the same form for a long period. Apart from that, it produces electricity sparks when rubbed against fabrics. It is, therefore, able to affect our energetics.


This is a protection incense that has a great reputation for working in the production of perfumes. Nevertheless, it has other uses such as healing and eradicating any odors in the house. But that’s not all. When benzoin is burned in a house, it purifies it and helps to improve the general spiritual protection in that space.

Dragon’s Blood

Dragon's Blood Resin

Dragon’s blood is among the most famous and loved types of incense in the world right now. It is a dark red resin from Southeast Asia. It has different purposes that include heating wounds and certain intestinal disorders. But apart from that, it is burned to improve productivity, clear all the negative energy, and then protect against any negative forces.

Pinion Pine

This is incense for healing that is sacred in Native American traditions. It has several uses that include bringing peace. It features a very pungent, rich, clearing smoke. These are the aspects that make it one of the amazing incense scents for clearing spaces. When it is burnt, it improves the level of positive energy and increases peace levels. You can use it to clear your energy and aura. It is popular for improving a person’s spiritual strength. More Pinion benefits and meaning here.



This is another popular incense that will not only help to create a great aroma for your space but also protect you. It features a pleasing, light fragrance that has been used for a long period to relieve stress and purify spaces. You can also use it to release any tension you might have or remove any negative emotions that might have built up inside your soul.

Understanding the Power of Incense

Since time immemorial, incense has played a pivotal role in various cultures and spiritual traditions. Its use as a protective tool stems from the belief that the aromatic smoke possesses the ability to ward off negative energies and invite positive forces. As we delve into the world of incense for protection, let’s explore the rich historical and cultural tapestry woven around this practice.

Choosing the Right Incense for Protection

Not all incense is created equal when it comes to protection. Different types carry distinct qualities, making them suitable for specific purposes. As seekers of security, it’s essential to understand the nuances of incense varieties and discern the ones best suited for protective purposes.


  • What does Angel protection incense do?

Angel protection incense is used to ward off negative energy and create a protective barrier around you. It can be used to cleanse your space of negative energy, or to protect you from negative energy when you are out and about.

  • How do you burn incense protection?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best way to burn incense for protection will vary depending on the type of incense being used and the specific goal of the protection. However, some tips on how to burn incense for protection include using a clean burner, setting intentions for the incense such as removing negative energy, and calling positive energy. Allowing the incense to burn completely.

  • Is dragon’s blood incense good for protection?

Yes, dragon’s blood incense can be used for protection. It has been used for centuries in magical rituals and ceremonies. Dragon’s blood is said to be a powerful protective agent. It is often used in spells and rituals for protection, cleansing, and purification.

  • What incense is good for positive energy?

The best incense for positive energy will vary depending on your specific needs and preferences. However, some good options to consider include sandalwood, jasmine, and lavender. These particular incenses are known for their calming and soothing properties, which can help to create a peaceful and positive energy in your home or workspace.

  • Are there any side effects of burning incense for protection?

In general, when used with caution, incense is safe. However, individuals with respiratory conditions should be mindful, and proper ventilation is recommended

  • Can I combine different types of incense for enhanced protection?

Yes, creating custom blends can amplify the protective properties. Experiment with combinations that resonate with your intentions.

  • Do I need to believe in the spiritual aspects to benefit from protective incense?

While some choose incense for its spiritual connotations, others appreciate it for its calming aroma. The efficacy can be experienced on various levels, regardless of personal beliefs.

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There are different uses for such incense scents, but there are more. Some manufacturers use a blend of different resins, oils, as well as herbs to make incense that will provide a different effect. They are created for purposes such as intuition, healing, as well as purification. You can always find a type of incense that will help deal with your situation. If you get a feeling of restlessness or negative energy, you can always burn these incense scents and a protection spell will be complete.

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