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Black Sage Benefits, Meaning, and Uses

black sage spiritual uses

For a long time, people have smudged sticks and herbs for different purposes, including healing and cleansing. Different people use different types of sage, and plants for smudging purposes. If you have smudged before or you do, you must be familiar with white sage. It is the most popular smudging plant.

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But have you heard of black sage? Well, imagine if white sage was on a type of boost. Not many people know about black sage, even though it has amazing benefits. It is a stronger herb. Some of the common black sage benefits include healing, astral traveling, inducing visions, and dreams, among many others.

So, what is black sage used for? In our brief post, we will discuss black sage’s meaning, as well as some of the benefits that have made it a choice worth talking about. Let’s get started.

About Black Sage

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ir?t=incensejunction 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B08GP77YWSBlack sage, also known as Salvia mellifera, is a highly aromatic evergreen shrub. Even though it is small, the black sage smudge benefits are enormous. It is a California native. Black sage properties make it hard to identify since it is like most sage plants in different ways.

To make matters worse, black sage will easily form a hybrid with purple and blue sage plants. The good news? Growing black sage around your house is quite easy.

Black Sage Benefits

What is black sage used for? In this section, we discuss the uses and benefits associated with black sage.

Purification and Cleansing

When it comes to the black sage spiritual meaning, it is known to be a good way to invite positive energy into your space or environment. This is a type of sage that cleanses and eradicates all negative energies around you.

To make sure that it is successful, ensure that you set clear intentions and focus your mind during smudging.

Encouraging Visions and Dreams

You can burn black sage before you sleep to enjoy the main black sage meaning. It is known to encourage some vivid dreams and visions. You will also enjoy some restful sleep, coupled with pleasant dreams. This is among the black sage benefits that have made it so popular.


The fragrance or aroma that is produced when you burn black sage is sweet. When you want to get rid of any bad odors in your house or your space, simply burn some black sage. Additionally, you can use it when meditating or doing yoga for a great experience.

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Cleansing Furniture or Jewels

It is true that among the black sage’s spiritual uses are cleansing spaces. However, you will be glad to know that you can also cleanse property, including jewels or furniture. Therefore, when you get a certain gift from a friend, or simply purchase the same, you can cleanse it using black sage.


Black sage meaning proves that it is a strong smudging plant. While other types of plants, such as white, and blue sage are effective, black sage has some amazing benefits you would enjoy most from burning black sage. Now that you know about the black sage spiritual meaning, we hope that you will consider giving it a try and enjoy the numerous benefits associated with it.

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