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Blue Candles – Everything you need to know

Blue candle

Last Updated on April 30, 2022 by IncenseJunction

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Have you been trying candle magic and are wondering about the meaning of blue candle? Well, you are in the right place. This post includes everything you should know about blue candles and the best time for burning a blue candle. We will also handle different meanings of different shades of blue candles. Keep reading for more insight.

Reasons for Burning Blue Candles

Why should you burn a blue candle? It is quite simple. When it comes to color magic, blue has a very great representation. Blue represents protection and peace, similar to the calm mood on a calm day on a beach. What’s more, blue also stands for clarity and communication matters. Therefore, blue candles are the best for manifestations and spells that are related to protection, spirituality, peace, creativity, communication, divine guidance, harmony, as well as insomnia.

Now, let us consider the different shades.

  • Light blue candle meaning:

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The light blue candles are specifically great when it comes to friendship, healing, mental fortitude, patience, as well as anger release. They are perfect in these matters. Royal blue candle meaning: When it comes to understanding, harmony, peace of mind, diplomacy, calmness, emotional healing, memory health, forgiveness, perception, or truth, you want to use a royal blue candle. But that is not the limit. You can also use a royal blue candle if you are looking for perception, inspiration, or simply want to call on some prophetic dreams.

  • Dark blue candle meaning:

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A dark blue candle is limited to grief, sadness, as well as depression.

Best Day for Burning Blue Candles

Blue candles are mostly associated with Thor and Jupiter. Think about it. There is no one better to provide some protection than the Great Benefic and the god Thor.

Jupiter will give you expansive energy. You must consider what you are asking for and be specific when asking for it.

So, when is it best to burn blue candles? Thursday is the perfect day for any magic or manifestation related to blue candle meanings. Thursday translates to Thor’s day, which is Old English. When you consider Latin, it translates to dies Jovis, meaning Day of Jupiter.

In the same manner, blue candles tend to be associated with Sagittarius. In case you are one, or the spell is meant for a Sagittarius, you can use a blue candle for the best results.

Origin of Blue Candle Meanings

You should know that these meanings have not just started being used. Their meanings are as old as Ancient Egypt. Back then, the color represented the sky and water. But more than that, it represented the heavens, as well as The Nile. Meaning for blue candle back then was rebirth, fertility, protection, as well as creation.

This then resulted in the Egyptians incorporating the color to their understanding of their gods, such as Thoth and Osiris.

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It does not matter if you would go for candle magic. Simply look into the modern era. A company that would be protective, dependable, responsible, and trustworthy will include the blue color in their representation such as a log. You should always consider the blue color, not only in candles but also in real life. Be safe!

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