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Blue Sage Benefits, Meaning, And Uses

blue sage uses, metaphysical and magical properties

Smudging is a practice that has been part of many rituals for centuries. It is a practice that involves burning sage, mostly to eradicate negative energies in a space. For most smudging practices, people use white sage.

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What most people do not know is that several alternative plants are very effective in such rituals. Blue sage is among the most effective. There are different blue sage benefits, which include its cleansing properties.

We have prepared this post to inform you about the blue sage meaning and its benefits. We will also explain the blue sage vs. white sage difference. Here we go!

Blue Sage Overview

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ir?t=incensejunction 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B08FH8QQ6CWe will start by looking at blue sage as a plant. The world has many types of sage. However, the two types that are commonly used in rituals and aromatherapy are white and blue sage. These two indeed have somewhat similar names. But the fact is, they are from different places and they differ in more ways than one.

First, blue sage is a variety that grows blue flowers. You can see it being used in landscapes and gardens because of the beautiful flowers. More than that, it is used for stress relief in aromatherapy.

As time goes on, its popularity keeps growing because it is a rare plant that has amazing benefits.

Blue Sage Benefits

What is blue sage used for? In this section, we will look at the main uses and benefits you should know.

Providing a Relaxed Atmosphere

A home is more inviting and cozy when you smudge. The scent produced by blue sage allows the atmosphere to have that relaxing effect.

Among the many blue sage uses is relaxation. When you burn the sage in your house, the atmosphere will be filled with peace and tranquility. In such an environment, you are not overpowered by your problems and you can kick back and simply relax.

For Yoga and Meditation

The meditation practice requires a certain type of environment. It should be a calm and quiet environment without any distractions. In most meditation practices, the burning of sage is involved. When you burn blue sage, you can feel the peace and calmness needed for meditation or yoga.

It is known that practitioners will often go for blue sage to create an uplifting and calm atmosphere. Blue sage makes it possible for you to focus on your inner tranquility and connect with your inner self.

White Sage Alternative

For most people, white sage is the way to go when it comes to smudging. The problem, however, is that you might not have white sage, or might want to try another option. That’s where blue sage comes in. To be honest, there are several plants that you can use as a substitute.

This type of sage is a South American native whose flowers and leaves have been part of traditional medicine for a long time. Some of the blue sage benefits include antibacterial and antifungal properties. White sage might be more potent but blue sage is an amazing choice.

Spiritual Protection

What about blue sage spiritual meaning? When performing rituals, it is common for people to find a sort of spiritual protection. In most cases, it is achieved through the burning sage. Burning blue sage offers you the same spiritual protection you need for spiritual practices.

It helps you stay positive and have inner peace.

Cleansing Negative Energy

More often than not, you will feel negative energy around you. You can tell its presence even in the way things happen around you. Many people believe that the negative energy around you might affect things negatively around you. It is therefore important that you eradicate that energy.

You can cleanse the energy in your environment in several ways. One of the most popular blue sage benefits is cleansing.

Whenever you feel like there is negative energy around you, you can simply use blue sage for smudging. It is known that blue sage will not only get rid of the negative energy but also attract positive energy around you.

Improve Focus and Mindfulness

Most people in the world have a problem with focus, mainly because we find ourselves handling multiple things at the same time. You might have a family, some social connections, as well as work, all of which require your attention.

It would be great if you would easily relax, and focus on your current task or activity. With the help of blue sage, you can easily calm down, quiet down and live in the moment. The fact is, most people would love to live in such a manner. But you can simply achieve that by burning some blue sage.

Attract Success and Money

More often than not, you will find yourself in need of some sort of boost to achieve the level of success you desire. You can acquire it with ease with the help of some blue sage.

To attract wealth and success, you can use blue sage in a couple of ways. The most obvious one is burning it. However, you can put it inside a jar around your space, or simply put it on your as an armlet.

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Blue Sage vs. White Sage

Even though you understand the blue sage meaning, you might still be wondering how blue sage differs from white sage.

The fact of the matter is that blue sage and white sage are great choices. However, each has its unique benefits. That means that each has its strengths.

Blue sage magical properties, for instance, are most useful when it comes to abundance, prosperity, and money spells. It is believed that the sage has the potential to attract success and great wealth.

White sage, on the other hand, is known to ward off negative energy. For that reason, it is mainly associated with cleansing a space and attracting positive energy.

As for the fragrance, most people agree that blue sage features a mild and cooler scent compared to white sage. White sage is also considered sacred by indigenous tribes, just like blue sage. That is why most people will use blue sage to substitute for white sage.

Remember: Smudging should be done with intense respect to the customs and practices brought around by the indigenous tribes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can you cleanse your house with blue sage?

Yes. You can smudge with blue incense whenever you need. Blue sage is known to have great cleansing capabilities. What’s more, you can smudge your space, objects, or yourself with blue sage.

To smudge with blue sage, all you would need to do is light the blue sage, ensuring that the stick glows and produces smoke properly. You should then use your hand or a feather to spread the smoke around your house. It is important to ensure that you visualize the negative energy being expelled by the smoke.

If you are smudging your body, you should ensure that the smoke spreads from your feet to your head.

  1. How do you smudge blue sage?

You can use blue sage for smudging in a very simple manner. Start by lighting the sage, then blowing off the flame so that it only glows and produces smoke. You should ensure that you do it in a counter-clockwise manner. It is also good to leave the window or any other air outlet open. After that, you should welcome the positive energy by smudging in a clockwise manner.

This also attracts peace and love to your space.

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You should not ignore or underestimate blue sage’s metaphysical properties. While it is true that white sage is more popular, you should try using blue sage for its strengths. These include the ability to attract success and wealth, cleansing of energies, as well as for meditation and yoga.

Remember that blue sage has been part of rituals for a long time and is only becoming more popular. For the best results, it would be better if you would find some high-quality and legitimate blue sage.

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