Why Do I Shake During Meditation?


There is a lot that you can expect from meditation. The moment you get the hang of meditation, you will start to experience certain aspects of your body that you did not know before. Some are pretty obvious since they are physical sensations you feel.

You can notice colors, twitching, spiritual chills, movements, or even some trembling on different parts of your body. Even though you can expect it, you can agree that it would feel much better if you knew exactly why you are shaking during meditation.

So, why do I shake during meditation? We have prepared this brief post to provide you with a short post to explain just that. Read on for a better understanding.

Why is your Body Shaking during Meditation?

To be honest, there are different reasons why you would be shaking while meditating. However, there is a very simple reason for shaking during meditation.

Your nervous system will constantly send signals to fibers that your muscles have. When this happens, your fibers will either contract or expand.

The main aim of meditation is to allow your body and mind to process feelings, thoughts, as well as experiences. To do this, you stop noticing what is external and concentrate on the internal. That allows for more processes in your body to react.

It is a distribution of energy to the body, which is done by your nervous system. During this time, your body will easily start twitching or shaking completely.

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Should you be Worried?

When you notice your body shaking during meditation, it means that you are making progress. If you notice this happens, we recommend that you try concentrating on your body. If possible, it would be better that you allow it to be, especially if it does not mess up your meditation. Put attention on breathing through your nostrils to your belly.

While you get more experienced, you will learn how to easily deal with it during meditation.

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