Can I Burn Incense Inside My Car?

incense in car

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Burning incense is a practice that has been around for a long time. Different people have different preferences and uses of incense. Now, we are used to burning incense in places like our houses, outdoors, or even places of worship.

But can you use incense in your car? Well, of late, there have been debates about whether it is safe to burn incense in your car. Are there any risks? When and how should you do it? Well, it is understandable to ask these questions.

In this article, we discuss whether burning incense in a car is safe or not. Let’s dive right in.

Is it Safe to Burn Incense in a Car?


Before you burn incense in your car, you should know that there are situations when it would not be appropriate to burn incense in a car.

Imagine this, for instance, you are cleaning your car. You then notice some odd smell in the car. We all know that incense is very effective in eradicating bad odors in spaces. At this point, you would burn incense to get rid of that odor.

If, however, you are driving in your car, it might not be completely safe to burn incense in the car for several reasons.

Safety Measures for Burning Incense in your Car

Before burning incense in a car, there are some measures you can take to ensure that it is safe for you.

Quality of Incense

Before you can burn incense in a car (or anywhere else for that matter) you have to ensure that it is made of good quality material. Certain types of incense have toxic materials that would cause some negative effects and bad odors. When you are driving, these are effects that would cause distractions and could easily lead to accidents.

Incense Holders

There are different types of incense holders in the market. When choosing one for a car, it would be advisable to find one that is not only sealed but also fits well in a cup holder. The reason for this is that there are chances of incense ash causing a mess. Depending on your car’s interior, there is a risk of fire.

Even though the car will smell great, ensure that the incense does not pose any danger.


Before you can burn incense in enclosed spaces, you should ensure that you have adequate ventilation. A car, regardless of the car model, still counts as a small space. You need to open some windows to a level that will allow adequate air circulation. Do not burn incense with the windows closed since there might be some effects on your health, especially if you make it a habit.

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Even though incense easily gets rid of any odors in a car, you have to be careful when burning it, especially if driving. Make sure that you follow all the safety measures mentioned above to ensure that you are safe and that no messes are left.

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