Incense Smoke – Can it Damage Electronics?

Incense Smoke

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There is a lot that happens when you burn incense in your house. You get an amazing scent that replaces bad odors, you get a cool atmosphere, and much more benefits. But in most homes – almost all – where incense is burned, there are electronics.

Can incense smoke damage electronics? It is important to be cautious. After all, electronics can be easily damaged. So, when you burn incense smoke, do the smoke particles build up in the electronics, and is it possible for them to cause any serious damage to the computer?

We have prepared this brief post to help you find out if there is any damage to your electronics that might be caused by burning incense close to electronics. Let’s get started.

Does Incense Damage Electronics?

The first thing you should know is that any risk that might be present would only be to those appliances that use fans to cool off and operate smoothly.

Can incense smoke damage your computer? A computer has a fan, which means that there is a risk. But it will not damage your computer. Here’s the reason why. When you are burning incense close to a computer, the residue that is in the smoke will easily build up in the computer as time goes by. As a result, the computer will become warmer and will start running slower than it should. However, other than that, there is no real damage that is caused to the computer.

While there is no definite proof of the amount of damage that can be caused by incense smoke, it would be good to have a perfectly functional electronic.

So, can incense smoke damage electronics? Incense can cause some extent of damage to electronics. If not, it will reduce the electronics’ operating power or life.

Is incense bad for speakers?

Speakers do not have fans, which means that they cannot be damaged at all.

What should you do?

If you want the electronics in your house to operate better for longer and still enjoy your incense, there are certain measures you can take.

First, you would have to use incense in rooms that have adequate ventilation. This will reduce the amount of residue that would build up on your electronics.

The second thing you should consider is turning your electronics off when you want to light incense. Indeed, this will not prevent the smoke from coming in contact with the electronics. However, if their fans are not operating, not much of it will go inside the electronics. That will reduce the effect of the smoke on electronics.

Finally, we recommend that you consider cleaning them or taking them for service. Use compressed air to clean off the gunk, or even allow a technician to open it up and remove any that might build up as time goes by.

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Final Words

We know that you are reading this because you love incense but do not want to damage your electronics. Therefore, we recommend that you regulate how much incense you burn, the amount of time you burn it, the ventilation, and the state of your electronics. We believe that this will be a great solution for any potential problem you might have.

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