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Can you Use Incense to Smudge? – Detailed Guide

can you smudge with incense

Last Updated on May 12, 2022 by IncenseJunction

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Smudging is one of the oldest rituals that involved burning incense for cleansing, whether a person or a space or a certain ritual. Even though not all tribes or cultures integrated it, it was recognized mostly by Native American cultures. It is still practiced to date.

Different types of sage and herbs, especially white sage, are used for smudging practices. But what happens if you do not have some herbs? Can you use incense to smudge? Let’s find out.

Smudging with Incense

Smudging with incense sticks instead is possible and is also effective, as long as you use the right incense. In most parts of India, Sandalwood is the preferred incense for cleansing spaces. It is used in the same way bundles of herbs are used. You simply waft the smoke so that the unwanted energies or elements are eradicated.

What incense is good for smudging?

Different types of incense are great for smudging. Many will be helpful. However, there are select herbs or incense sticks and cones that will be more effective in this respect. If you want to smudge, you can choose to use Juniper, Sandalwood, Palo Santo, Sweetgrass, as well as Cedar. You can also use White sage incense sticks for smudging. But that is not the limit of the smudging options.

Smudge Properly

Can you use incense to smudge? We have figured out that you can. However, you have to do it the right way for the best results.

If smudging a room or space, ensure that you start from a selected corner, waft smoke from floor to ceiling, then follow the smoke’s path. For beings, start from bottom to top. For objects, waft smoke towards it.

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Can you smudge with incense? We have figured out that it is not only possible but also effective. We recommend that you check out the different types of incense that are great for smudging, choose one with the aroma that you love, and prepare to eradicate all the negative energies around you and your space.

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