Can I Take Incense Sticks in International Flight?


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Incense is very popular all over the world for the amazing fragrance it produces. That makes it one of the most popular gifts people give each other. It will help you focus better, relax, meditate, or even sleep better. Suppose you went to visit family abroad and you were offered some Incense, can you take incense on a plane when going back home?

Before you can travel, it is important to ensure that you are not breaking the law by taking incense with you. Are incense sticks allowed on a flight? We will be looking at this in detail for more information. Let’s get started.

Taking Solid Incense in a Plane

You can take some incense, as long as it is solid, inside a plane. You can keep the incense in a travel bag. No restrictions are provided on the amount of incense that you can take on the checked baggage or the carry-on. But remember, it should be solid. In case you intend to take liquid incense with you, ensure it does not exceed 3.4 oz. when packed in the carry-on baggage.

Going through the Checkpoint

Can you bring incense on a plane? Will they allow you through the checkpoint? Security in flights is very important, hence the checkpoints. Incense, however, is harmless and there would be no need to restrict it from going on a flight.

As long as the products you are carrying with you are not dangerous items, then no TSA officer will prevent you from taking the incense through the checkpoint, even after finding more incense in the other bags.

Incense in your Carry-on Luggage

There are different forms of incense you can take with you. These include oils, powders, as well as sticks, cones, and backflow cones.

You can take solid incense, which is in form of incense cones and sticks in your luggage. There are no restrictions regarding quantity. Take as much as you want.

As for liquids, however, there are certain restrictions. These are restrictions for anything you can squeeze, pump, smear, spread, spill, or spray. You are allowed to only take 3.4 oz. or less if it is liquid incense.

International Flights

Are incense sticks allowed on international flights? Domestic flights do not have a problem with incense sticks. However, the story is a bit different for international flights. Different countries have different rules. Therefore, you can expect that some countries and counties will not allow incense. For instance, you will not be allowed to go to Dulles with incense sticks or cones.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I bring sage on a plane?

The TSA allows dried herbs and spices in airports if they are in carry-on luggage. In case they are not pre-packed, you should use a re-sealable bag.

  1. Can we carry sandalwood in flight?

There is no problem taking sandalwood on flights. We recommend, however, that you keep it in a sealable bag in a suitcase.

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Can you take incense on a plane? There are different regulations, all meant to provide you with a high level of security. Ensure that you are familiar with the restrictions of the place to which you are going. Luckily, taking incense does not seem to have much of a problem. Safe travels and good luck!

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