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Best Sandalwood Incense – Top Sticks, Cones, and Coils

Sandalwood incense stickis burning

Sandalwood is among the best-smelling aromas on the planet. It is not as strong as other scents out there, but it is worth recognition. Have you had a chance to smell sandalwood before? If you have, you know how amazing the smoothness and warmth of its aroma are. The problem, however, is that there are […]

Best Tibetan Incense – Sticks, Ropes, and Coils

Best Tibetan Incense

There are many different uses of Tibetan incense. Most activities in Tibetan culture included the burning of incense. It was part of certain treatments. The most authentic formulas for Tibetan incense are from cultural doctors – mostly found in monasteries. They are formulas that follow certain family lineages or practices. Authentic Tibetan incense includes minerals, […]