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Cedar Incense – What is it used for?

Yellow Cedar Tree Branch

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The burning of incense is becoming more popular around the globe and cedarwood incense is among the most popular fragrance in the market. Even though it is quite popular, not many people identify the main cedar incense benefits. Regardless, the benefits have been enjoyed for thousands of years and lately, science has stepped in to prove its effectiveness in reducing depression and easing anxiety. This post helps shed a light on the common uses and benefits of cedarwood incense in the human body, mind, and spirit.

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Science-Based Benefits

Cedarwood has a sweet, light, yet rich fragrance that will elevate your moods and calm your mind. Several scientists have considered its effect on our brain when in form of incense. The results of such research showed that burning cedar incense will activate ion channels inside the brain, which in turn will alleviate any anxiety or depression.

Positive Effects of Burning Cedar Incense

Most of the cedar incense uses revolves around its amazing aroma. However, does this aroma have any effect on our bodies? The findings are supported greatly by aromatherapy. When cedar incense is burnt, it will produce an amazing aroma that will have an anti-depressant effect.

The main benefits of burning cedar incense include stress relief and improved relaxation. It also tends to remove any tension and increase your body’s general focus. It will also create a heightened level of awareness.

More cedar incense benefits include the balance of hormones, boosting the immune system, and increased creativity. You will also note that cedar incense helps greatly with depression and the reduction of sadness.

Note: The market has a lot of counterfeit products and it is possible to find some cedar wood incense sticks that will not be good for your health.

It is recommended that you check the quality keenly, making sure that the incense sticks do not have any toxins that would be released into the air.

Low-quality incense is quite a pollutant when burnt indoors. Therefore, burning incense that contains some synthetic chemicals or oils will harm you or your family’s health even your pet.

Use in Religious Practices

Cedar has been quite popular in religious activities, including Buddhism. It is still used to date in Buddhist temples, as well as other places used for worship. It has a deep meaning. It is considered to be a sacred offering that honors Buddha.

Burning incense results in smoke with a great aroma. According to Buddha’s teachings, this smoke should symbolize the negative parts of our beings that we should be willing to eradicate from ourselves, resulting in better versions of us.

The cedarwood incense is also burnt to heal your spirit and eradicate any stress you might have. An elevation of your spirit is important in any practice.

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There are very important benefits associated with burning cedarwood incense. Some of these benefits are religious, while some are related to your mental health. Regardless, it is recommended that you burn some cedar incense once in a while for a better version of yourself physically, spiritually, and mentally.

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