What Causes Spiritual Chills When We Meditate And What Do They Mean?

chills during meditation

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There is a lot that happens during meditation. Some are things that you do to make it successful, while others happen because it is successful. For instance, you can see certain colors while meditating or even have chills, shaking, or tingling sensations.

So, why do I get random chills after I started meditating? Do other people experience these chills when meditating? If so, what do they mean and what brings them about?

In this brief post, we will talk about these chills and what they represent. Let’s dive into it.

What are these Chills

Chills during meditation are more common than you would think. These are chills that are not related to being cold or any form of illness. When you experience these chills, you will notice that they feel as if a current or certain energy is flowing through your body, giving you a mild shudder.

Are these chills the same for everyone? The truth is, the feeling of a type of energy going through your body feels almost the same for everyone.

What they mean

When people experience chills during meditation, it usually signals guidance. As you know, everything around you is energy that has a certain vibration. In case higher frequencies come close to your field of energy, the body might experience physical signs.

In certain cases, these chills are from your angels or guides. They can represent a form of validation that you are on the right path. In other words, the chills can show the answer ‘yes’ and confirm a certain truth.

Sometimes, you can experience the chills because angelic friends or guides are trying to touch you or reach out to you. The chills are caused by the pure energy surging through your body. The only way your physical body can react is with chills.

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In case you feel some chills during meditation, do not be afraid and do not worry about what is around you. Simply keep doing what you are doing. The chills are proof that what you are doing is working.

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