How to Cleanse a Spell Jar Without Incense

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Cleansing is always a great way to start almost everything, including spells. You do not even need a specific reason for you to cleanse something. The simple fact that it exists because it was created is enough to perform a cleansing ritual on it.

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Spell jars are designed to hold certain items, even though it is not specified what they should hold. You will use a spell jar to hold something specific, which means that you will possibly be changing its purpose. For you to restructure it, you have to cleanse. One good way to do that is using incense. But, can you cleanse a jar without incense?

We have prepared this brief post to discuss how to cleanse a jar without incense. This is perfect for young witches who are not able to stand smoke all the time. Let’s begin.

Other Ways of Cleansing a Jar

Here are some great ways you can cleanse a jar without incense.

1. Asperging

With this method, you will not need candles or smoke. It involves cleansing the jar – or any other object – with the help of sanctified water. In Catholic traditions, this is holy water even though witches will use water blessed using salt. Sprinkle the salt water in and on the jar with any herb bundle you have or your fingers. Some herbs you can use include lavender, sage, cedar, or rosemary.

2. Blowing

Once you blow, the debris or dust is removed like with a leaf blower. Cleansing the jar with your breath also fills it with your intent and energy. It is a very simple method, yet so effective. Simply wait until it is warm in your hands and blow it lightly. Any negative energy is removed and replaced with yours.

3. Using the Sun

Nothing cleanses like the sun. While UV kills viruses and bacteria, it eradicates lingering energies. To cleanse the jar, simply place it where it will be hit by direct sunlight.

Another alternative is moonlight. It is reflected sunlight and is perfect for cleansing a jar. Allow them to stay under the moonlight or sunlight for around one hour. Do not allow them to sit for more.

4. Herbal Sprays

This is a cleansing method that is gaining more and more popularity as time goes by. In most cases, the cleansing spray will have some oil produced by an herb and an alcohol base. They can also have some infusions for better cleansing.

You can choose from a wide range of sprays in the market. You can also choose to make yourself some at home with some simple recipes. The most popular sprays will have essential oils from lavender, cedar, rosemary, patchouli, cinnamon, as well a sage. Be careful to ensure that you or your pets do not have allergic reactions to any before making a purchase.

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In Conclusion

The jar you use should be ready for its purpose. When you cleanse it, you will eradicate any negative intentions or energies that might have formed. You will also be removing the energy that you do need for your coming ritual. If incense is not what you want to use, then the alternatives above should do the trick.

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