How to Make Clothes Smell Like Incense – Is it Possible?

cloth incense smell

If you love incense and you love burning it, you may have one particular fragrance that you love most. We have always wanted things close to us to have that same fragrance, even our clothes.

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You might have gone close to someone and noticed the fragrance of your favorite incense on their clothes. The question is, how did it get there? Is it really incense?

Well, it does not matter. We have done some experiments after some research and have come up with great ideas. This post shows you how to make clothes smell like incense. Let’s get to it.

Make Clothes Smell like Incense

The first method is the easiest. It is a great choice if you are trying to make the clothes you have on smell like incense. All you would have to do is light some incense and be around it while it burns. The clothes you have on will simply smell like incense.

If the clothes are in your closet, you can simply open up the doors to the closet after lighting some incense in the room. It is more effective if the burning incense is closer to the closet doors. In case you have a walk-in closet, simply burn the incense inside the closet.

Another effective method we have is meant for drawers. Place your clothes in a drawer, well arranged. You should then take some incense sticks and wrap them using a paper towel. That will prevent the clothes from coming in contact with the sticks. This method will also work with cars. Just put some under your seat and the fabric will absorb the fragrance.

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Final Words

Making clothes smell like incense is that simple. However, we would like to remind you that burning incense close to clothes can be risky. Be very careful to avoid burning down your clothes and your house. Supervision is important if you choose to use a method involving burning incense.

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