Does Incense Clear your Nose?

does incense help stuffy nose

Whenever the colder months come, everyone should accept that the flu and cold season is here. We all have different remedies that help when dealing with the symptoms of a cold or flu. Which one works best?

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We all know that there are many health benefits associated with incense. Different incense fragrances and ingredients have different effects on our bodies. It is only logical to wonder, is there incense that helps clear your sinuses?

This post is a result of extensive research trying to figure out what incense is good for a stuffy nose if any. Let’s dive right in.

Does Incense Cause a Stuffy Nose?

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The first thing you should know is that you need to burn incense for it to produce the aroma you need. When burnt, your incense will produce smoke. Some varieties will produce more smoke than others. In this smoke, there are smoke particles, which we breathe in.

That presents one problem. Since it is producing smoke, it will deposit these particles in your breathing system. If you have congestion problems, you can expect them to get much worse.

You should also remember that other toxins are produced in the combustion process. Therefore, there is no chance of the smoke clearing your nose. Instead, it will make it worse for you.

If you do not have any congestion problem, excessive use of incense might lead to a congested nose. Those who are extremely sensitive do not need to breathe much of the smoke to get the negative effects.

Does Incense help Congestion?

The truth is, you can easily make some incense that will clear your nose using certain thyme essential oils, peppermint, and camphorwood. The result would be incense filled with thymol and menthol.

Since the incense smoke will easily cause more problems, you can simply warm the incense instead of burning it. That means placing it on any hot surface such as incense heaters. In this way, the aroma will fill your room but no smoke will be produced.

Remember: You need to use a small amount of essential oil to avoid any irritation to your eyes.


So, does incense clear your nose? The regular incense we have in the market will not help clear your nose, especially if you will have to burn it for it to work. We would recommend that you find another way to deal with the symptoms or simply make one as explained above.

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