Full Moon Incense – What To Do On a Full Moon


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The full moon presents us with a great time to change whatever we want or need to change in our life. It is a perfect time for you to leave the old and prepare a better space for new things in your life. This is a perfect time for the preparation of complete transformation as fast as you can.

Full moon incense is one of the requirements that makes it possible for you to improve or boost your spell when a full moon rises. Additionally, it acts as a great offering for the goddess and it allows you to get a mystical vibe.

What is full moon incense used for? The first thing you should know is that it is not compulsory to use incense on a full moon. However, it helps set your mood. We have prepared this post to discuss what you should do on a full moon and the moon incense you require to make it a success.

Let’s get started!

Reasons for Using Incense on a Full Moon

Over the years, and also in modern pagan traditions, some resins and plants have been used. These feature certain properties that are related to the full moon. The first thing you need to do is to determine what your goal is for the moon ceremony.

There are several intentions that people usually have on a full moon. This could be a great time for you to create a communication channel with the divine. It can also be perfect for increasing intuitive abilities, increasing knowledge and wisdom, or even invoking prophetic dreams. These are all intentions that are associated with the moon.

Ingredients you need and their Meanings

The first thing you should realize is that the full moon incense ingredients that you make or grow personally will have the most success. If it is not possible, make sure to get good quality products. Let us take a look at the full moon incense meanings and symbolism.


Cinnamon is popular because of its spiritual vibes and its protective properties. When you include it in the full moon incense, it will help to protect you against negative energies, making sure to keep them out of your circle, bringing you to focus. Two cinnamon incense sticks should be enough.

Star Anise

This is a unique ingredient to include in the moon incense. It is mainly included as part of the ingredients because of its special magical properties. But more than that, it is highly associated with wishes. It was mainly used in traditional spells for wishes. It helps enhance the enchantment and the overall spellwork.


This is a unique full moon incense scent that works as an offering. It is meant for the feminine goddess whose beauty is at its peak when the full moon rises. But more than that, the rose is a part that ensures a certain atmosphere is set, ready for the ritual.


This is a favorite for almost everyone. It is popularly used in aromatherapy. We include lavender because it can calm your mind, helping you prepare all your senses. That way, you are more focused on the spell work. Not to forget that it has amazing magical properties.

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Sage is an important part of this kind of full moon ritual. We recognize sage because of its clarity and wisdom properties. It will help you to prepare your ego and keep it in line during the spells. That way, you will not have poorly motivated or costly spell work.

But there’s more. Sage helps to keep the atmosphere at a great frequency for a ritual. It will also clear the atmosphere of negative energy. Read more here about the different types of sage.


Our final ingredient is thyme, which will invite positive energies to the circle. It will keep you brave during that time.

Mixing it UP

Start by crushing the cinnamon sticks using a hammer or tenderizer.

You should then put the sage, lavender, and thyme in a bowl.

Then add the cinnamon you have crushed and the roses.

For the final step, add some essential oil, several drops at a time, making sure that it does not overpower you.

The final step is giving the blend a purpose using an incantation. It can be anything you want. You could say ‘full moon that shines on us, I present this blend to provide me with light while I strive to follow a magical path.’

Other things to do on a full moon for good luck

There are many things you can do on a full moon to bring good luck into your life. One thing you can do is plant flowers or seeds. This will symbolize new beginnings and fresh starts. You can also cleanse your home and get rid of any negative energy.

This will allow positive energy to flow freely throughout your space. Finally, you can meditate or visualize what you wish to manifest in your life. Doing this under the light of the full moon will amplify your Intentions.

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In Conclusion

What incense do you burn on a full moon? When you know the full moon incense meaning, you should be able to decide the different ingredients you should include. Make sure that you practice the rituals whenever you see a full moon.

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