Yoga Mat Storage Ideas and Products

Yoga Mat Storage Idea

If you are reading this, it probably means that you are a yoga enthusiast. You may have more than one yoga mat. An enthusiast’s collection possibly includes a couple of mats, some towels, blankets, bolsters, straps, or even a meditation cushion.

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Every yogi knows what necessary yoga tools are for a successful practice. That is why we always have them close for whenever you need to practice at home. The problem with having these items is that storage can be a bit of a challenge. Fortunately, there are yoga mat storage ideas that work perfectly in that regard.

We have prepared this post to discuss some home yoga storage ideas that will help get rid of any messes. Let’s dive right in!

Effective Yoga Mat Storage Ideas

Your yoga accessories and mats should be organized well. That ensures that access is made easier and that they remain clean. With the help of these ideas, you will be able to keep them away from dust, debris, as well as dirt that might bring about some damage to your mat.

Additionally, you will be able to keep your home tidy and clean. In this section, we will be looking at some of the yoga mat storage ideas at home that are effective in this regard. You can select one type of option that will work best for you based on your preferences.

Yoga Mat Storage Bins

Yoga Mat Storage Bins

This is one of the most popular storage ideas for your yoga equipment. Most of us will prefer to have all things put together in a single place. You can then store other things in a different area. Accessing your yoga mat will become easier every time you need to do some yoga.

You can choose from a wider range of yoga mat storage baskets. There are wicker basket options that are also used for laundry hampers. Alternatively, you can choose plastic baskets. The plastic options are mainly preferred because of their durability.

We loved these because they are easy to use and move around whenever you need to. In the market, you will find a range of options with different appearances. Find one that matches your décor.

Yoga Mat Storage Cart

Yoga Mat Storage Cart

Finding a mobile storage idea is a great idea. That is because a storage bin with wheels is very easy to move without the added effort. You can move the cart from one area or room to another. It is simply a perfect choice for you.

The reason why we love this idea is that it does not matter the number of accessories you have. You will not have a hard time moving them around. If you have any back pains, you should not be lifting heavy things, which means that this option would work perfectly for you.

Indeed, they do not have the appearance that the wicker baskets have, but at least they have more functionality.

Large Wicker Storage Basket

Large Wicker Storage Basket

The appearance of the house is important. Therefore, we would want something that would go with the design. You can opt for a larger storage basket for yoga mats. This is among the yoga mat storage vertical options you have.

Note that there are several size options in the market. Choose a good size for your house based on the number of things you need to store in it.

Yoga Mat Storage Rack

Yoga Mat Storage Rack

A yoga mat storage rack is another popular option that we highly appreciated. There are several reasons why we loved the idea of a storage rack. First, the yoga storage rack will work perfectly for different parts of the house. It is a beautiful addition to your house décor. You can also use it wherever you need it, whether at school, the gym, or your home.

You can choose from a wide range of options, each of which features some unique features such as design.

Remember: This is a wall-mounted option. It is a great option if you have more than one mat.

We recommend this product more for owners of yoga studios. It is a very simple, yet effective way to decorate your yoga studio.

Mat Hanger

Mat Hanger for yoga mat

A mat hanger is an option that we do not always consider. If you do not have one, we would recommend that you get one for yourself. When you hang your yoga mat in a certain place with your hanger, it remains compact and completely safe.

Any yoga practitioner should consider hanging his or her yoga mat. What’s more, it will work in almost any part of the house.

It is an easy and secure option for the storage of a yoga mat. You can also use it in a range of ways. You can even use it to store other things other than the yoga mat.

Mat Cabinet

Rest Mat Storage Cabinet

What about a yoga mat storage box? That sounds like a good idea, right? That’s right. A cabinet to store your yoga mat is a good idea if you have more than one yoga mat and other accessories. You might have even seen one in a yoga studio.

When it comes to reliability, this is a great option. The accessories are all hidden inside the box and they remain clean and free of dust, debris, and other forms of dirt.

Our Recommended Top Yoga Storage Products

Now, in this section, we will discuss some of the products that you should consider for your yoga storage requirements. These are all products that we have checked out and would recommend to you.

Now, let’s dive right in.

1. Jackcube Design Wall Mount 6-Tier Rack

This is one of the products that we loved. It features a 6-tier design that is a perfect option if you want to hold multiple yoga mats. It is built well with a rustic wooden base that features a deep brown color.

Additionally, the racks are not only sturdy but are also angled upward so that they hold the mat in a way that it will not roll off. This is among the sleek designs we have come across. We also loved that it is rust-proof and durable. It will also work well regardless of the space or the setting.

The installation is quite easy since all hardware is already included. You do not need carpentry experience for this to work.

2. La Jolie MUSE Woven Rope Basket

When it comes to beauty, a cute basket would work perfectly. This specific product is not only simple but also very affordable. It is a yoga mat storage basket that will keep all your yoga accessories stored properly away from any dirt.

The basket is supposed to fit around 2 yoga mats, a blanket, as well as a roller, and some other accessories. Additionally, cleaning it is a complete breeze. Finally, this is a durable option for you and we highly recommend it.

3. Set of 2 Wallniture Moduwine 3 Yoga Mats Holder

The first thing we acknowledged is that this is a very simple yoga mat holder. In total, they will hold around 6 yoga mats. We also appreciated the stylish design with small black wire mounts that are not only effective but also visually appealing.

Another thing we appreciated about this mat holder is that it does not need any form of assembly. When it is delivered to your house, it is ready to use or attach to your wall. With the purchase, you will get the anchors, level, screws, hardware, and all necessary instructions to make it work.

4. Mexican Palm Leaf Baskets

You might not always have the option to store your equipment in closets or drawers. You can then choose to use a basket like this one. Not only does it work perfectly for holding small equipment, but also keeps them organized and mess-free.

Some larger alternatives will look good in any room’s corner. You can also choose a smaller one with a lid to store accessories discreetly.

Benefits of Organized Yoga Mat Storage

Stacked yoga mats

There are several advantages to keeping your mats organized.

First, access is made completely easy whenever you need to do yoga. Additionally, the mats will last longer. They will stay clean, and safe from dirt, dust, and pet hair.

The storage ideas you have will also add some appeal to the space you store them in.

Finally, whenever you are in a rush, you will not be confused about where your accessories are.

What to look for in Yoga Mat Storage

Guide to yoga mat storage

There are certain things you will have to consider when choosing your mat storage.

1. Number of Mats

How many mats do you have? If you only have one or two, then a rack will work perfectly. If you are in a yoga studio or gym, you might need a better storage option.

2. Accessories

Which types of accessories will you be storing? Rollers, yoga wheels, straps, and blankets, all need different types of storage.

3. Aesthetics

We would recommend you find a storage option that will match the room ambiance. It should have a vibe and color that you will appreciate.

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Adequate yoga mat storage ensures that you can take proper care of your essentials, and not just the yoga mat. Since there are many options, it is understandable that you might be somewhat confused by the options you have. However, we hope that this article has given you some good yoga storage ideas of the options you have and the one that would work best for you.

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