How Often Should You Sage your House? Is it Okay to Burn Sage Every Day?

can you burn sage everyday

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The burning of sage is among the purest and oldest ways of cleansing people, a single person, or even a space. It is a method of ridding the environment of unwanted spirits. Luckily, this cleansing method has not died down. Many people still sage their houses till date.

If you still sage your house, you might wonder, how often should I sage my house? There is a lot to understand about burning sage in your house.

We have prepared this short post to help you understand how often you should sage your house. Here we go.

How to Sage your House

How often should I sage my house? Regardless of the number of times you sage your house, it would not matter if you do not do it right. For that reason, we will kick off by understanding the right way to sage your house.

You should start by preparing everything you need. Even though white sage is the most preferred for cleansing rituals, it is not the only type that can work. If you do get some, make sure that you purchase the sage from an authentic business.

You should then set your intention, thinking about the type of energy you desire around you, as well as what you wish to cultivate around you. Finally, light your sage and ensure it does not burn in a flame. Smudge yourself then smudge your space, even all rooms by wafting corner to corner.

How often should you Sage your House?

There is no specific number of times you should smudge. Different people smudge more often than others. You can choose to do it when you feel you need that protection and calmness in your life.

It is recommended that even if you move to a new house, sage. When you have a fight or argument with friends, sage. You can smudge because of anything including work.

Remember, even when you smudge more often, it would be useless if you did not do it right. If you do it just to give the house a pleasant aroma, nothing will come out of that.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How long should you sage your house?

The amount of time sage should burn when you sage the house depends on several factors. For instance, you can be in a house with smoke detectors. These would easily be triggered when the sage burns for long producing a lot of smoke in the room. Ensure that read more here.

  1. Is it bad to smudge every day?

You can smudge however much you want. Smudging every day is okay.

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Burning sage is highly recommended. Smudging allows you to stay around clean energy with positivity and calmness. Can you burn sage every day? You can burn sage every day if possible. It would be amazing if you can always be around some positive energy.

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