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Incense Powder – How do you Burn It?

Incense Powder

Last Updated on August 5, 2022 by IncenseJunction

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Incense is available in different forms, one of which includes powder. Powder incense is quite popular in most places for different reasons. But there is a problem. Do you know how to burn powder incense?

There are two very simple ways of burning incense. One would require charcoal, and the other does not. We are going to go through both of these methods to find one that you would love to try out.

Now let’s get to it.

Using Charcoal

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We will start by learning how to burn incense powder with the use of charcoal discs.

First, you would require a fire-resistant bowl or censer or thurible. But before placing your charcoal disc on top of the fire-resistant bowl, you have to add a layer of sand, which should be around 2 inches. You can also choose to use some as instead.

Secondly, lift the charcoal tablet using some tongs and light the edge of the charcoal disc. You should make sure to hold it properly. Light it from the edge, then go inwards towards the center, making sure that the entire top surface is lit properly.

Now, place the lit tablet on the layer of sand inside the bowl or censer. The lit side should be facing upwards. Allow it to burn for a while until the top side turns grey. After it turns to that color, it would be time to add the powder incense.

You can use whichever blend of powder incense you want on the charcoal disc.

The reason why this method is preferred is that it is quite efficient in releasing the aroma in the incense.

Using an Oil Warmer

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This section helps you learn how to burn powder incense without charcoal.

You would require to get an oil warmer, which is a great option. You can also learn how to make your own. You can curve pieces of a soda can and customize them according to your preferences.

The oil warmer features a small dish at the top. In this dish, add around two tablespoons of oil and make sure that it does not reach half the size of the dish. Avoid using water or some thick oils such as coconut because they would complicate the process.

You should then add some incense inside the oil. A single scoop should be adequate to give you the aroma you require.

The final step involves putting a tea light inside the warmer and light it carefully. When the oil starts to heat up, the powder incense will start releasing the aroma you want. The time it takes would depend on the amount of oil you used or the nature of the dish.

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It is quite simple, right? You might be wondering what to do with leftover incense powder. It is quite simple. You might burn powder incense only to be left with a small amount, in which case you should choose to mix it up with some other powder incense. You can create your fragrance using small scoops of powder. Try it out today!

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