How to Burn Incense Sticks without a Holder

Burn Incense Sticks without a Holder

Last Updated on April 30, 2022 by IncenseJunction

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Burning an incense stick is a great way to adjust the mood in your house or your room. Usually, lighting one would require a holder to prevent any fire accidents and also allow the stick to burn properly. But imagine this. You have an incense stick but don’t have an incense holder. What would you do? It might be quite frustrating. If you want to learn how to burn incense sticks without a holder, you are in the right place. We are here to help. This guide will teach you a couple of simple tricks so you can know how to use incense sticks without burning everything around.

Using an Incense Stick without a Holder

What can I use as an incense holder? You should know that there are a couple of tricks that will help you out in this respect. Some of these options might require some creativity. However, others are quite straightforward.

Let’s get to it.

Urn with Salt or Sand

The first simple thing you can use is an urn, a cup, or a pot. You can substitute these with any fireproof container. All you would have to do is fill the container with some salt or sand, then stick your incense inside the salt or sand. When you light the stick, it will burn properly. If you place it in the right position, the ash will be collected inside the container.

A Beverage Can

You want to know how to burn incense sticks without a holder and this one is very simple. It does not matter the drink that was in the can. However, it has to be empty. So, finish it or pour out any that is left. Make sure that the can is completely dry so that it cannot put out the incense.

So, you can choose different methods of burning incense in a can. However, the easiest, and most efficient method would require you to align the can’s tab with the incense. That will make sure that the incense remains balanced on the can. The stick will burn completely while outside the can. It will burn properly and will not be put out, as opposed to simply sticking half of it inside the can.

Using a Sink

The fact is that a sink should be something that we can all access without a problem. Most bathroom and kitchen sinks are made using ceramic, stone, or metal, all of which are fireproof. So, if you want to know how to burn incense cones without a holder and not stress much, this is the easiest option.

Note: Not all the sinks are made with fireproof material so you should confirm first.

So, you can suspend the stick’s burning end over the sink but you will need to weigh the other end using a heavy object. You can also put the stick in the drain’s holes. However, this would work best if the holes are quite small.

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You should never suffer because you do not have an incense holder. The simple methods above should help you burn incense whenever you want and change the mood in your room. All you would require is to make sure that the trick you use eradicates the possibility of a fire or any other accident.

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