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Palo Santo – How to Burn it

Burning palo santo

Everyone wants a very peaceful home free from any evil spirits or negative energy. Now, this can be achieved in different ways. One of the most effective ways includes burning natural herbs or incense with natural herb ingredients. Palo Santo is among the most effective herbs out there in this regard.

What is Palo Santo? The name of this wood translates to Holy Wood. It has a relation to Copal, Myrrh, as well as Frankincense. Sacred practices in many communities involved burning Palo Santo to eradicate any evil spirits that might be around. It is therefore important to learn how to burn Palo Santo the right way for it to work. You should also know the Palo Santo cleansing prayer. This article aims to help you learn how to use Palo Santo effectively. Let’s get started.

Burning Palo Santo

Earthwise Palo Santo Sticks

Before we go into any other detail, we will discuss how to burn Palo Santo sticks.

The first thing you have to do is obtain some sticks. They are conveniently found in bohemian shops, massage and yoga studios, as well as aromatherapy stores. It is usually sold in bundles of around 6 sticks. You can also find it in most online stores such as Amazon.

Once you have the sticks, you should light them. We recommend you use a candle for this step. Hold the stick at an angle of 45 degrees onto the flame. You should then rotate it slowly while still in the flame.

Since the wood is dense, it might take a short while to light properly. How do you get Palo Santo to stay lit? You have to make sure it lights properly so that it does not go off after some time. Once you notice an ember glowing at the end of the stick, you should know that it is ready.

After it catches the flame, allow it to keep burning for around 30 seconds, after which you should blow it so that the fire is extinguished. You can continue blowing it some more so that the glow keeps burning strongly. You might also opt for fanning it. It is important to do this when you notice any chance of the wood drying out.

One of the major problems associated with this practice is that Palo Santo won’t stay lit. However, this is because of lighting it in a hurry and not doing it right.

You should then Waft the resulting smoke around your space. Wave it in all directions so that the fragrance and aroma spread across the room. The pleasant aroma should be smelt after a short while. Guide it to any target areas for purifications. These include inside closets, corridors, as well as corners.

Now that you have learned how to burn Palo Santo, let us look at some of its benefits.

Benefits of Palo Santo

What is Palo Santo good for? Nobody wants to burn wood that does not give you some benefits, right? So, here are some main benefits.


One of the most traditional and popular benefits of Palo Santo is healing. It is a great remedy for flu, stress symptoms, as well as colds. It is known to eradicate headaches, asthma, depression, reduce inflammation, and anxiety.

The essential oil made from Palo Santo is used in therapeutic massages and aromatherapy.  Furthermore, the oil can be included in soaps, candles, body lotions, scrubs, and more to moisturize and cleanse the skin.

What’s more? It has calming effects and will support your nervous and immune systems. That way, you can recover quickly from any illnesses.

Palo Santo is known to have a compound known as d-limonene in high concentrations. This compound is thought to help in the prevention of certain types of cancers.


Palo Santo is burned during meditation for this specific purpose. It helps you relax and connect to yourself, allowing you to meditate successfully. Its amazing scent will alter the energy in your space.

Imagine a day full of hard work and stress. If you come home with some things on your mind, sleeping might be a challenge. Luckily, burning Palo Santo before bed will allow you to relax and you will be able to catch some sweet and relaxed sleep for a while. If you feel like you can take a bath, you should add two drops of Palo Santo oil, Lavender oil, a tablespoon of body wash, and a drop of Mandarin. Once you add these to your water, you will be able to renew and relax.


Let’s look at how to use Palo Santo wood for cleansing. One of the most known uses of Palo Santo is the spiritual cleansing of a house’s energy and other benefits. It is known that the smoke produced when Palo Santo is burned helps in eradicating any negative energy, calm emotions, and restore tranquility.

As we stated earlier, cleansing using Palo Santo is not hard. It is quite easy, to be honest. As you walk around in corners of your house to cleanse them, you should say a prayer. What do you say when burning Palo Santo? You should say these words out loud. “I ask for the Palo Santo plant spirit to please infuse this space with blessings.” After saying this prayer out loud, you will realize that peace, clarity, and tranquility will be restored in your house.

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After Burning Palo Santo…

After you burn Palo Santo, you should make sure that it does not burn anything in your house. Therefore, there are a couple of things you should choose to do.

First, you could choose to place it on a fireproof bowl, allowing it to burn out by itself. Alternatively, you could extinguish it by placing it in a bowl, made of glass, ceramic, or metal, and add a thin sand or ash layer so that it snuffs out faster.


Now that you know how to burn Palo Santo sticks and reap their benefits properly, it is time to get some and enjoy the amazing benefits associated with burning them. Make sure that you get the right type of Palo Santo and that you avoid leaving it on to avoid any risk of fires. Have fun!

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