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How to Burn Rope Incense

Rope Incense

Incense is a substance that releases a pleasant, sweet smell once burnt. Good quality incense is made from fragrant herbs, powders from wood, spices, and resins, among others. Incense is used for various reasons including meditation, and religious practices, to reduce anxiety and stress among other activities.

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Some of the most common types of incense include incense sticks, coils, backflow cones, and cones. Very few people know about rope incense. What is rope incense? How does it differ from the other types of incense? How do you burn it?

We have prepared this post to discuss this unique type of incense. In the post, we will discuss the best ways to burn rope incense. Let’s get started.

What is Rope Incense?

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Rope incense is a type of incense prepared from scented plants and herbs which are dried and then wrapped in a thin strip of rice paper. The constituents are then swiveled to form a rope-like structure.

There are different fragrances of rope incense including lemongrass, meditation, Tashi, patchouli, and many more, each of which has different ingredients.

How do you Burn Rope Incense Safely?

Rope incense is a direct-burning type of incense that does not require a separate source of heat. With this in mind, there are many ways to burn rope incense.

First of all, use a unique rope incense burner where you can suspend the loop end of the rope incense through a hook placed over a fire-proof surface.

A second way is using a fire-proof surface with ash. Place the rope incense over the ash and light it. The ash allows air to pass freely around the rope hence proper burning of the rope and releasing of the scent.

Other rope incense burners allow you to place the rope into a hole so that the rope is in a position that is erect after which you light it.

In whatever way you choose, make sure you light the thinner end with a lighter or match stick. Once it is lit, blow the flame to allow the rope to smolder and release the smoke. For certain types of incense, this might take longer than one minute. But then again, it depends on the quality of incense that you are burning.

It is best to allow the rope to burn in a hanging position, from the bottom going up. Otherwise, if it is not burnt in an upright position, it may not burn completely which may leave some resin.

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There are different types of incense depending on how they burn. It does not matter the type of fragrance that you prefer – we all have different preferences. Regardless of what you need, you will always find a rope incense that will work for you. There are many advantages associated with rope incense. One of the significant advantages is that it will last longer than other types of incense. If you have not tried it before, why not give it a shot?

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