How To Cleanse A Room With Incense

How To Cleanse A Room With Incense

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Imagine you have moved to a new house, whether new or old. The first thing most of us will do is clean it up, add some personalized decorations, and so on. However, did you know that there is more you can do to ensure that you and your family are not entangled in negativity?

You might know that almost everything consists of energy. The space around us will sometimes have negative energy, which affects the way things turn out for you and those you love. That is why we recommend that when you move into a new home, or simply when you feel certain negativity in your current home, you try cleansing with incense.

Do you know how to cleanse with incense? Don’t worry. We have prepared this post specially to help you learn the best times to cleanse your space, and how to cleanse a room with incense properly. Let’s dig right in.

Process of Cleansing with Incense

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We will kick off by discussing how to cleanse your room with incense.

The first thing you need to do is select the best incense for your cleansing ritual. There are several preferred types of incense that you can consider. But more on that later.

After selecting the incense you prefer, you should go ahead and open windows in each room before you start cleansing. Those who are more experienced know that this is the way through which the negative energy will escape and the positive one come through.

Before you start the incense cleansing ritual, it is important to have certain positive affirmations, mantras, prayers, or thoughts in mind for the ritual. These are thoughts that can be said in silence or out loud. Such prayers might go something like, “I cleanse my space of all negativity and negative energies and invite love, light, and positivity to fill it.” It is quite simple, right?

Now that you have prepared the prayers or thoughts, you can go ahead and light your incense of choice. Make sure that you light the incense the proper way. It should glow at its end and not a flame. It should also produce some smoke without going out.

After you light the incense, move through the house. Cleansing with incense clockwise is the best way to go. Move around the room in a clockwise manner. Go around the room’s edges, waving your glowing incense from top to bottom close to the walls. You should also do the same for the corners.

While moving around, you should keep repeating the prayer you had in your mind. This is all part of the incense cleansing ritual.

You can repeat this process as much as you would like. Whenever you feel like there is negativity or some negative energy around you or in your space, simply cleanse it. You can even cleanse energy just to be sure that it is positive.

While cleansing your house leaves you with positive energy, it also leaves you with a clean scent that is not only cozy but also inviting to guests.

Note: Cleansing with incense only works when you do it right. To make sure that it is a complete success, it is recommended that you start the ritual by cleansing yourself.

When you cleanse yourself first, you prepare the positive energy in you to cleanse the one around you. Do you know how to cleanse with incense when it comes to your body? It is simple. All you need to do is wave the glowing incense side to side. You should start at your feet, moving to your head. You should also work starting with the front and ending with the back of your body.

What is the Best Time to cleanse your Space of Negative Energy?

Now that you know how to cleanse your room with incense, let’s talk about when you should cleanse it.

First, whenever you have a bad day, there are chances that the negative energy might be the reason. In such a case, it would help to cleanse the space around you.

You can also choose to cleanse your space after an illness. The poor physical condition of your body might just be carrying some negative energy that you should get rid of.

We will, once in a while, face a loss or a breakup. When you are in that state of grief or heart pain, it would be very helpful if you cleanse the energy around you. It helps you move on and not be stuck in the pain.

When you are transitioning in life, whether you are getting a baby, are getting a new job, or such a major transition, you should choose to cleanse your space. You will be able to eradicate the old so that the new has adequate space.

Whenever you have a disagreement with your partner and the disagreement ends, you should cleanse the air and allow for positive vibrations.

What incense is good for cleansing rooms?

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You now know how to cleanse with incense, and the best times to do it. Not, we will consider some of the most effective types of incense for cleansing.

1. Sandalwood

Sandalwood is known to be helpful for anyone that has excess tension or helplessness.

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2. Lavender

Lavender is a perfect option if you have mental clatter or are too worried about anything. It reduces that frantic energy.

It has a wonderful scent that is commonly used in aromatherapy to promote relaxation and happiness. It can also be used to clear the air of negative energy, which makes it a good choice for cleansing rooms in your home.

3. Nag Champa

This is the most popular type of incense burnt in most spaces used for meditation or yoga. It features purification vibes. It is like white sage in that regard.

4. Amber

Amber is related to your inner confidence and connection to yourself. It is a perfect choice when it comes to cleansing spaces.

How to cleanse your room with incense clockwise

The first thing to do is cleanse your home of any negative energy and spirits. You can do this by lighting incense and walking around your home in a clockwise direction, from the front door to the back door and all four corners. This will help to purify the energy and clear out any unwanted guests. You may also want to use sage or cedar sticks for this purpose.

What do you say when cleansing your room with incense?

When cleansing with incense, it is important to remember that you are purifying your space, or room, not yourself. This means that the words of intention you use should be directed toward your environment to clear any negative energies that may be present so that you can connect with the Divine more easily.

Here are some examples of what people might say when lighting incense:

  • “May this incense burn with love, light, and harmony.”
  • “May this incense clear this space of any negative energy or entities.”
  • “May this incense bring peace and healing to all who enter here.”
  • “By this blessed smoke and ash, I cleanse this space of negativity.”
  • “By this blessed smoke and ash, I cleanse my home of all negative energies.”
  • “I cleanse this space of all energies that do not serve my highest good.”
  • “Almighty God, I pray to you as the Creator of all things that are good. I ask that you help me to rid myself of all negativity and evil.”
  • “I ask that you bless this house with your presence. Cleanse us from all evil and fill us with your love and peace.”
  • “Bless this home with an abundance of good health, prosperity, peace, and happiness.”

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When you know how to cleanse with incense, it can be something you do more often than not. Cleansing your space is not only healthy but also safe. You ensure that no negative energies will get to you or your loved ones. You will also get to enjoy the amazing fragrance produced by your chosen type of incense. We hope you found this article helpful.

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