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How to Use Black Salt in Wicca

black salt

Bad or negative vibrations and energies will normally find a way to get in your life now and then. You will notice the feeling of incompatible or uncomfortable living environments, poor workplace situations, as well as ill-fated relations.

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Normally, that will lead to bad behaviors and habits, as well as depression. It is important to get rid of this before they get worse. That is where black salt becomes a huge help.

We have prepared this post to discuss black salt and how to use black salt in Wicca. Let’s get to it.

What is Black Salt

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For a long time, back salt has been used in cursing, banishing, reverse magick, hexing, as well as protection. Black salt can absorb negative energy and some of the stagnant vibrations that are left over.

At the same time, black salt can absorb the negative energies in the environment. It creates spiritual barriers, which are great for protection.

Essentially, black salt is a mixture of charcoal, regular salt, as well as black pepper. That mix makes it possible for the salt to change color.

Using Black Salt

Now, let’s look at how to use black salt in Wicca. You have a range of possible uses.

First, you can dress black candles in oil coupled with black salt or rituals involving the banishing of negative forces. At the same time, you can sprinkle it around your home or space perimeter so unwanted energies are kept at bay. You can also sprinkle it at your doorway so people don’t drag in their negative energies as they enter the house.

You can also grind some black salt and mix it with anointing oils.

Finally, if you want to cleanse healing crystals, you can place them on some black salt for cleansing.

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In Conclusion

When you are done with rituals involving black salt, we recommend that you dispose of it properly to avoid lingering energies sticking to you or the environment. Bury it, toss it in moving water, or simply burn it in a cauldron.

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