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Fragrance Oil Uses

how to use home fragrance oil

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Fragrance oils are becoming quite popular in the market, and there are several reasons for this growing popularity. But first, let us identify fragrance oils. They are oils that are manufactured by blending some natural or artificial fragrances. There is a wide range of fragrance oil uses ranging from home scents, make-up, aromatherapy, and perfumes. In most cases, these fragrance oils are made using some synthetic materials. They have different names such as potpourri oil, fragrant oils, simmering oils, and burning oils.

In history, there have been different uses for fragrance oil. They have been used in anointing ceremonies, freshening up living space, and many more. Nevertheless, their uses have grown extensively and it is important to identify the main ways in which you can use fragrance oils.

So, how do you use fragrance oil? We have combined a list of the most common ways of receiving the benefits of fragrance oils. Stay tuned for a detailed guide.

How are Fragrance Oils Made?

Before we can figure out how to use fragrance oil, let us understand how they come to being.  The first thing that the designers will do is to select an essential oil or a chemical compound with a great aroma.

They figure out which ones would blend well, then determine the amount of each that would create a certain desired theme. For instance, if they intended to create a scent that would bring out a feeling of a sunny day at a beach, they would choose oils or compounds that have uplifting, light, and refreshing characteristics.

Some ingredients used to make fragrance oils might be artificial or naturally derived. Some of the popular options include alcohols, carrier oils, esters, resins, essential oils, absolutes, and aldehydes.

Although some of the fragrance oils might not be completely natural, they might still be able to provide the same effects produced by essential oils. Sometimes, essential oils can produce some long-lasting, stronger aromas.

So, fragrance oils might be 100% synthetic. However, there are chances that they might have 80% of essential oils in the mixture.

Some Benefits of Fragrance Oils

Fragrance oils are popular for producing some amazing scents, which is similar to what the essential oils provide. This scent is in products that have fragrance oils. These scents might have some positive memories attached to them or might have some positive vibe associated with them.

The fragrance oils are also able to provide some scents that nature cannot provide. These are some everyday scents or some unique and new scents. They can synthesize some human-made scents using a blend of certain aromatic compounds. Such aromas include food aromas, as well as foods with certain aromas. Fragrance oils are therefore able to provide scents such as tomatoes, baby powder, breeze, clean laundry, as well as mountain rain.

So, how can You Use Fragrance Oils?

What can I use fragrance oils for? Now that we have determined how they are made and their various benefits, let us discuss how you can use them. Here is a list of some of the things you can make using fragrance oils.


ir?t=incensejunction 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B00184X4W8You can choose an aroma from a wide range of options to give your home or office an amazing scent that is relaxing. Choose a scent that you will appreciate when in that room. You can create spicy or rich aromas for winter and autumn to create some festive flavors. You can also give a room or house an amazing springtime lift with crisp and fresh oils.

Switching up your fragrance oil would help adjust the ambiance in an office or a home. Simply add it t your candle. But that’s not all you can do. You can easily select a range of candles that will go in each room. That way, your house will have rooms with different ambiances.

For instance, you can have a scented candle with a lavender scent inside your bedroom for restoring sleep. You can also have a floral scent in your bathroom to make sure it has a fresh smell.


You can learn how to use scented oil to create a personalized perfume. Not only is it amazing, but also unique. You can have a signature scent that other people would not find in markets or stores. By simply adding several drops of spicy and rich oil, you can have a wintery perfume.

Adding a drop of citrus fruit would produce a springtime scent. You can even create a range of perfumes for different functions or times.

So, how do you do it? The process involves a bottle with some distilled water and some witch hazel. You should add the combination of oils you want.

If you are preparing perfume using a 10-ounce bottle, you will require ½ a cup of witch hazel, a cup of water, and finally around 20 drops of fragrance oils.

Fragrance Oil Burner

This method is quite ancient. It involves the use of a basin that is set on top of a source of heat, for instance, a candle. It is quite similar to a diffuser. The first thing you need to do is place several fragrance oil drops in a basin. You do not need more than five drops for a single basin. The next step involves diluting the drop with water. The mixture will start heating up, which will result in evaporation. When the evaporation starts, the scent will be spread through your room.

For Bath Salts

One of the main fragrance oil uses is making bath salts. However, before starting on this one, you have to make sure that the fragrance oil you intend to use is perfectly safe for use on your skin. Certain ingredients are used to make fragrance oils that might harm your skin, which is why you are advised to check the list of ingredients.

After you are sure that the ingredients are safe for your skin, you should mix some regular salt with the oil of your choice. The maximum number of fragrance oil drops you should use is four. Four drops of oil should be enough for a single cup of salt. You can check a tutorial to help you out with this mixture. You can understand the results to expect in this process.

Making an Air Freshener Spray

Learning how to use fragrance oil to create an air freshener spray is quite easy.

The first thing you have to do is add some drops of the fragrance oil to a spray bottle. This bottle should be empty. You should then add some water to the bottle. It is recommended that you fill the entire bottle with water, after which you should shake it thoroughly. That will make sure that the mixture is perfectly mixed together.

That’s it. the mixture is ready to go and all you would need to do after that is spay in the room and busk in the freshness that will be in the air. There are several recipes for air freshener sprays online. Make sure to check them out.

Creating a Sachet

This specific use of fragrance oil should help you improve the scent in your closet or drawer. The process is quite simple. The first thing you need is a piece of cloth, a sample of the fragrance oil you want to use, then some baking soda.

So, the first thing you should do is combine the fragrance oil and the baking soda. Mix them, then fill the cloth you have with this mixture.

Finally, tie up the mixture tightly and place it whenever you want. What measurements should you use? A single drop of fragrance oil would work perfectly with an eighth of a cup of baking soda.  However, there are other herbal and dried flower sachets that you would enjoy making.

Body or Foot Scrub

If you want to pamper yourself or simply want to offer a gift to a friend, this would be a great option. Do you want to know how to use home fragrance oil for body scrub? It is quite simple.

The first thing you need to do is make sure that this fragrance oil you want to use is perfectly safe for skin contact. You do not want any irritation on your skin.

So, after you check your ingredients and are sure that it is perfectly fine, you can add a cup of some granulated sugar to a bowl.

Then, you should add some olive or coconut oil slowly to the bowl. You should then mix it thoroughly until you are sure that it is just a little wet and grainy.

The final step is to add some drops of the fragrance oil and then repeat the mixing process. the final product is a body scrub that will exfoliate your skin properly and provide an amazing scent at the same time.

Conditioner and Shampoo

You can try making your shampoo and conditioner. If that is not what you have been doing, you can simply use pre-mixed base formulas and play around with the scent using the fragrance oils of your choice. The process involves mixing a couple of drops of the chosen oil into the base product and you are ready to go.

Massage Oil

You can also learn how to use warming oil to make some massage oil. The first thing you would require is a certain carrier oil that would easily absorb in the skin. You can choose an oil such as vitamin E or jojoba. Choose a certain fragrance and add some drops of it to the carrier oil you chose. You can also use a combination of fragrance oils depending on what you would enjoy. The massage oil will not only be great but also give you a relaxed feeling coupled with a glorious smell. Aching muscles will not be an issue any longer.

Side Effects of Fragrance Oils

There are side effects associated with fragrance oils, just as there are with most new aromatic products. These external oils are only meant for external use. It Is highly recommended that you talk to a medical practitioner before you can use the oils for any therapeutic intentions. If you are a nursing or pregnant woman, you must avoid using any fragrance oil without seeking advice from a physician. There are chances that there might be certain effects on hormone secretions. It is also unclear if these effects can be transferred to babies when developing. You should always make sure to store these products in places that children cannot reach at all.

Some people have certain conditions such as skin disorders, heart-related problems, cancer, epilepsy, as well as allergies, and ailments related to hormones. If you have such kinds of health conditions, you are advised to talk to a physician before you can use any fragrance oil.

Additionally, if you are using prescription drugs or are undergoing a surfer, you should consult with a doctor. In the same manner, if you are at risk of experiencing any kind of heart attack, atherosclerosis, or stroke, you should seek medical advice.

You should always test your skin before you use fragrance oil. This can be easily done. You simply need to dilute a single drop of oil with around four drops of carrier oil and apply a small amount of this mixture to a small portion of your skin. Avoid using any near your eyes, ears, or inner nose. There might be side effects so make sure to be careful.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Can I use fragrance oil on my skin?

Yes, you can. However, you must dilute this fragrance oil before you use it on your skin. Additionally, make sure to check the ingredients of the oil before using it. There might be ingredients that would irritate your skin.

  1. Should you dilute fragrance oil?

You should always dilute fragrance oils when using them. failure to diluting it would cause certain side effects. A few drops would always work with several cups of water.

  1. Can you put fragrance oil in your hair?

You can put fragrance oil in your hair. However, it should be in another mixture such as shampoo. Make your shampoo and conditioner then use that on your hair. Do not use it in its undiluted form.

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A wide range of fragrance oils is available in the market, each with a different scent you would enjoy. Mixing a blend of several fragrance oils would help create a new aroma that you would simply enjoy. We highly recommend that you use the fragrance oils in the manner we have described in different ways. You can make everything in your house smells heavenly. Simply have fun. Do it yourself at home today!

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