How to Use Incense Coffin Box

incense box

A coffin box is a wooden box that is specifically made for the burning of incense, both cones, and sticks. It, therefore, has specifically tailored designs that enable the smoke from the incense to spread out in the room from the box. In addition, these boxes are beautifully carved, adding an aesthetic value to your room.

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So how do we use an incense coffin box? To understand how to use an incense coffin box, let us first understand what the box looks like.

Features of the Incense Coffin Box

The size of the box is about twelve inches in length, two inches in width, and three inches high. There are two places inside the box for burning cone incense and two holes on the sides for incense sticks. Underneath, just below the burning compartment, there is a storage space for incense sticks. Once closed, the top wooden cover has perforations made that allow the smoke from the incense to pass through.

Using an Incense Coffin box

To use the coffin incense box, first open the lid and you will see two plates and two holes on the sides. For the cones, place them on the plates while smoldering and then shut the lid to allow the slow spread of the incense smoke.

For the incense sticks, put the stick on one of the holes on the side. Make sure to place the stick as firm as possible into the hole to ensure that it is suspended horizontally in the box without touching any sides. Some boxes have a little stand inside the box to allow the stick to rest horizontally. Then light the stick and let it burn for a while until it starts smoldering. Blow out the flame and cover the box with the lid. The smoke will spread out through the passageways on the cover.


Using the incense coffin box is very easy and convenient. It is very important to blow out the flame since most boxes are made of wood and the flame would end up burning the box. Also, once the ash builds up in the box, empty it to have an easy time burning incense.

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