Incense for a New Moon – Which Incense to Use?

New Moon

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There are different varieties of incense out there. Honestly, each incense has its unique strengths, which means that each has a specific situation or time when it works best for you.

For a long time, the new moon has been recognized as a great time to start afresh. During this time, the moon is ready to begin a new chapter since it is the start of another lunar cycle. The energy associated with a new moon brings about a fresh start and a new beginning.

When you are setting your intentions during this time, you should burn a new moon incense that will help boost that energy for a fresh beginning.

In this article, we will discuss the different moon incense variations that you should consider. Let’s take a closer look together.

What Incense Do You Burn on a New Moon?

Under this section, we will highlight the incense that is most effective for a new moon. When making a choice, consider the strengths of each incense, then consider the type of blessing or energy you wish to attract.


Burning Frankincense Resin

This is one of the most popular new incense. The uses of frankincense are vast. It is a great incense to burn for most religious and magical practices, because of frankincense characteristics. It can easily replace most of the other resins, herbs, and incense in different blends.

Frankincense is associated with purification, consecration, exorcism, divination, visions, meditation, and much more. It is, however, a great moon incense because it is associated with luck. When you burn it, it will stimulate your psychic strength and your will in general.


There are several energies associated with Myrrh. It is used widely in different cultures and traditions for many years. Because of its characteristics and its appearance, it is associated with Mars and is used in several magical rituals.

Regardless, its strongest association is with the moon. This new moon incense meaning has to do with the water element, which is also associated with the moon. Its meaning is mainly about contemplation, pain, as well as the womb’s state. It is a great choice for a new moon ritual.


benzoin resin uses

Compared to other new moon incense scents, benzoin is not as popular. Regardless, it is very powerful when it comes to rituals of luck, purification, protection, and prosperity. Its main use, however, is for protection. It can attract positive energies and drive away any negative ones.

If you want to focus or replace sadness with comfort and peace, you can burn benzoin. What’s more, your spiritual and psychic awareness is raised.

What is New Moon Incense Used For?

Burning incense during a new moon ritual is indeed recommended. However, what is full moon incense for?

Different intentions have something to do with the moon. For instance, you would like to have increased knowledge and wisdom or you might want some prophetic dreams and visions. You can also want to improve your intuition.

During such rituals and traditions, different resins and plants are connected with the moon. When you burn such plants, resins, or incense, you will have a stronger connection with that specific element. In this case, that is the moon.

For the best results, we recommend that you use a blend of new moon incense and other plants such as moonflower. You can also include incense that has an association with water. These different full moon incense ingredients will make the connection stronger. You will have a better chance of getting the blessing you need.

Burning the New Moon Incense

Choose to burn the incense during the peak of the new moon. If you burn it the day before or the one after, you will still be successful. It is much better if you have specific intentions, dreams, or some magic you want to perform.

Light the sticks and purify the altar if you want to do some rituals. You can also choose to burn the incense, allowing it to burn to completion by itself. However you wish, make sure you have some intentions in mind.

Other things you can burn on a new moon

There are a few things that you can burn on a new moon. The most popular items to burn are sage, Palo Santo, and cedar. These items help to cleanse and purify your space. You can also burn candles and herbs.

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Moon incense is a great addition to any new moon ritual. When you want things to go differently for your future, burn any, or all, of the incense we have listed above and state your intentions. Remember your safety when you are burning incense.

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