Best Incense for Anxiety

How incense help with anxiety

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Incense has proven to be one of the effective methods of handling anxiety. It is a great relaxation method with each fragrance providing different effects on a human being’s mind. Our senses work differently and independently. Most of us do not realize that our sense of smell has an impact on our lives.

Our smells will influence the type of emotions, moods, or actions even without us knowing. For that reason, the scent will act as a very powerful tool to help change how you are. If you would like to change your feeling, you can simply change the smell you are experiencing at that specific time.

Depending on the scent you decide to enjoy, your incense will be able to inspire a wide range of moods that are including calmness, excitement, cleansing, as well as contentment. When you are experiencing anxiety, you can easily feel better by using incense.

So, which is the best incense for relaxation? How do you decide which relaxing incense is good for you? Well, we have compiled the information on this post to help you learn and make an informed choice. Stay tuned for further details.

Understanding the Effects of Incense on Our Brains

Incense has been burnt for a long period in different customs over the world. The burning of incense has always had a kind of symbolic meaning in these rituals. However, incense burning also has physical effects. The impact is strong on the spirit and soul, as well as the body and brain.

Fragrance, or aroma, can affect your body’s limbic system, as well as the central nervous system. According to recent studies, your body will have a more therapeutic experience if you inhale scents from strong essential oils. These oils are used to make natural incense. However, the incense made from such oils will not have a very strong fragrance, as compared to incense made with some synthetic fragrances. The good news is that they all have the same health benefits.

Essential oils are used in making natural incense. These oils will move to the olfactory nerves and will be able to bring up some positive memories, as well as soothe anxiety and decrease your stress levels.

What’s more, these fragrances will not only affect your mood and anxiety levels but also your physical state. Some studies have proven that in addition to relieving stress in your mind, incense will reduce the tension in your muscles that might be induced by stress. Your neck and shoulder muscles will relax.

The essential oils used to make incense sticks are extracted from plants as volatile compounds. These compounds are known to have the ability to relax and soothe your mind. So, which are these compounds that will soothe your mind? Here is a list.

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Top 9 Incense For calming:

  • Sandalwood

Sandalwood is mainly known for its ability to bring about serenity. If you have stepped inside a Buddhist temple, chances are that you have inhaled some sandalwood. It is a perfect scent that is used to calm the worshippers. However, it can also work perfectly as a scent in your home to bring about serenity and a feeling of being well in general. There is a wide variety of this scent. That means that you can easily burn different types of sandalwood depending on your preferences and enjoy a quiet and warm feeling of complete relaxation. This calming incense will be perfect to combat your anxiety or symptoms of anxiety.

  • Pine

Imagine this. You are taking a slow walk in an evergreen forest, enjoying the fresh air and feeling the bond between you and nature. Wouldn’t that take a load off your mind? Simply taking that slow walk would work miracles, which is what pine scents bring about in your body. You will reduce depression, anxiety, and completely relax at the same time. In most households, a pine scent will bring around a feeling of winter or Christmas. Regardless, the scent has been proven to give you a very calming state. Pine incense might just be the best incense for anxiety.

  • Improve your Mood with Jasmine

Jasmine, the small white flowers, are perfectly capable of adding a perfectly happy mood to your day. Simply inhaling a bouquet of flowers will make you happy. That’s not all. Jasmine is very popular for the ability to calm your mind, essentially reducing depression completely. In addition to complete relaxation, you will realize that it will give you a lower alertness level. What does that mean? You will not be able to feel complacency. Therefore, you will feel uplifted when you inhale Jasmine.

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  • Contentment from Chamomile

Chamomile is a small flower, similar to a daisy. On most occasions, chamomile is consumed in the form of herbal tea. However, you do not necessarily need to ingest it to reap its health benefits. The incense produced from chamomile might give you symptoms that are fairly close to a cup of chamomile tea at night. Similar to the tea, the stress relief incense produced from chamomile will give you an adequate feeling of warmth, as well as contentment.

  • Lavender

The best incense for anxiety might just be lavender, and here are several reasons why. Lavender is one of the most popular flowers. It is a purple flower that is gentle and is popular for the calming and relaxing effect it gives your body and mind. If you inhale the scent that is produced by lavender, you will be able to sleep deeply for a longer period. Deep, adequate sleep is one of the major advantages associated with inhaling the lavender scent. Therefore, you can also turn to this scent to get rid of insomnia.

Note: It is extremely powerful. Therefore, you should make sure to burn one stick at a go and not more than that.

Lavender works greatly in balancing your emotional and nervous systems. Therefore, exhaustion, negative attitudes, and bad moods will not be part of your body when you inhale it.

Additionally, lavender will work perfectly as an insect repellant. Therefore, you can use it if you have problems with mosquitoes and such.

  • Lemongrass

Scents produced by citrus will usually inspire a higher level of energy and alertness. However, lemongrass that still has the fragrance of citrus, will alleviate stress and ease anxiety. Breathing in lemongrass will help you feel uplifted and revitalized at the same time. Those two feelings will help you feel much more secure and you will feel good about yourself.

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  • Clove

Clove is spicy. However, it is also strong and warm, a scent that you would enjoy inhaling when you have insomnia. It is popular for inducing sleep. However, that is not all. You will realize that clove is very refreshing and as such, it is a perfect incense for anxiety. It is a stress reliever that will also stimulate your mind, removing any cases of fatigue and mental exhaustion.

  • Musk

One of the other scents that help with anxiety includes musk. If you burn this incense in your house, you will bring about happiness and complete peace. The blend of this incense will also as an air cleaner, getting rid of any nasty odors or smoke that might be in your house. It is a sensual and delightful fragrance that will work prosperously as a mental aphrodisiac.

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  • Patchouli

Are you feeling unhappy? Patchouli is a strong calming incense that lasts for a long period once burnt in a house. It is very effective in eradicating any stress and uplifting you at the same time. Therefore, any time you feel particularly unhappy or stressed, we recommend that you burn this incense. This incense is very popular for its efficiency in repelling insects. You should burn this incense for a complete sense of happiness and calmness in your house.

Understanding Aromatherapy

So, what is aromatherapy? Aromatherapy is essentially the practice of combating emotional and physical conditions by using certain essential oils, resulting in the general wellness of a human being.

These essential oils are found in different plants, and in different parts. For instance, you can derive these essential oils from the branches, leaves, fruits, or even flowers of such plants. The variety of essential oils is great. They all have different scents, as well as effects on the human body. You do not necessarily have to use a single oil either. You can also use a blend of different oils to create a new scent that has additional medicinal values.

You can administer aromatherapy in different ways. Understand this, you need to make sure the scent is inhaled, so you need a method that will make that possible. For instance, you can use diffusers that will carry the scent to the entire room. You can also add the oils to other oils and use them in some massages, which will also help in relaxation. You can add them to bathwater or other body products.

However, as we have pointed out in this post, you can use these oils in the form of candles or incense and you will enjoy the same medicinal values that they possess.

Aromatherapy is working perfectly in the treatment of certain mental health and physical conditions. Some of the most common conditions being treated include fatigue, skin problems, depression, and anxiety. The results are extremely amazing.

Are there Safety Concerns?

Since aromatherapy is becoming extremely popular, you can easily find most of the best incense brands in different health food stores, grocery stores, as well as online markets such as Amazon And Etsy. They are available in a wide variety. However, it is important to note that there are potential problems that you might experience even when they are as available as they are.

The first concern is that there is very little research that has been conducted to prove that aromatherapy is as effective as we think. The use of aromatherapy has not been approved by U.S FDA. The oils are not standardized by the administration, which has resulted in the retail sale of such oils.

The second concern is that you can easily react to such essential oils. Remember, these oils produce a strong scent and some problems might arise from that strong scent. For instance, it is possible to experience nausea, dizziness, as well as headaches. You might also experience some allergic reactions that would lead to breathing difficulties, as well as irritation on your skin.

Note: You should not ingest essential oils in any form, even when they are in the form of incense sticks. They are potentially toxic and you should avoid ingesting them in any way.

Additionally, you should make sure that you use these essential oils with the guidance of an aromatherapist with additional clearance from a certified doctor.



Incense is a very effective way of reducing the stress that might be brought about by our day-to-day activities. We have identified the main incense scents that have the most relaxing effects in the market. However, you should know that the best incense for anxiety will depend on your actual mood. Make an informed choice for the best results.

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