Incense Scents that Attract Money

scents that attract money

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Incense has a very important role in spiritual practices, similar to crystals and other ritual objects. The main advantage associated with using incense in spiritual practices is that they are extracted from plants. Plants are not only easy to use but also cheap and convenient. They are very efficient when it comes to improving or changing the energy in your home.

If you are reading this, you probably want to know how to attract prosperous energy to your household. If you use plant-based candles, essential oils, and incense, you will be able to attract economic luck, growth of money, and general prosperity. They make the luck energy quite powerful. So, what incense is best for prosperity? In this post, we will highlight the main scents that attract money and help you make an informed choice.

Which Incense Is Right For Prosperity?

So, which incense for prosperity would work best for you? As we all know, incense will help to cleanse the negative or unfavorable energies and replace them with some positive energy. You might be better off with some Japanese incense. The main reason for that is that Japanese incense does not have bamboo cores, in opposite to Indian, which will increase the fragrance of the incense and reduce the smoke.

You might also go with candles or essential oils. Essential oils are more effective in the attraction of prosperity. They are in a more natural form, which makes them a great choice.

Nevertheless, we recommend that you use them together. That way, you will amplify the different energies, especially prosperity energy.

Types of Scents

So, which is the best incense for prosperity? Let’s see which types of incense can attract money.



Clove incense will help you break all the abundance blocks. You will be able to tap into the continuous flow of wealth. This is your birthright. This prosperity incense will help you to eradicate all the fears that might be related to abundance and money. You will be able to feel safe with the support of the Universe and the Earth.


Jasmine Flower

Jasmine is a great incense that helps in opening up a person’s force of attraction. This will boost the attraction of love, as well as money. The scent will help you live your life’s beauty. Any other circumstances of life will follow suit naturally.


To be quite frank, this incense is not for everybody. However, if you enjoy this scent, it is among the best incense for prosperity. No other scent can ground you inside your body and the physical realm like the patchouli scent. It will align you with the earth’s richness and inspire you to allow the blessings of luxury to flow into your life endlessly.



Burning cinnamon for money is a sure way of attracting money in your life. It will lift your consciousness to the energy levels associated with prosperity. The sweet, pure, and high vibrations associated with the cinnamon scent will remind you that abundance and wealth are part of your natural state and are therefore worthy of every wonderful thing, including money.


his incense for money is very helpful for people who have been stuck in a single situation of lack of money. It helps to shift these longstanding blocks. Therefore, if you might have experienced any trauma that might have led to a disconnection of your body from the physical realm, then this incense will bring you back to a state of well-being. In turn, you will be able to rewrite the old states that might have been a struggle cycle, deprivation, or self-sabotage. As a result, you will enjoy a prosperous flow.



Pine will provide you with an infusion of vitality, lasting affluence, and luck. It will lift your spirits and allow you to feel joyful and excited about money and the acts that will help in attracting the same. It will also awaken your intuition so that you know what you need to do to increase the financial and prosperity flow. Click here to read more about pine incense benefits.

Where to Burn Them

Incense Stick

Suppose you have already chosen your incense for abundance, where is the right place to burn it? Prosperity channels in homes are usually located in the Southeast or East Quarters of the house. That would be the perfect place to burn your incense. However, you can simply burn them in any location of the house.

The fact is, when you go to these two locations of the house and burn your incense for money, you will activate the economic channels inside your house, per Feng Shui. If you decide to burn these scents at the center of the house, you will open up these channels and get what you have always wanted also.

It is recommended that you use the plant scents alternatively. That makes sure that different prosperity energies come to the house.


  • What is Money Matrix incense used for?

Money Matrix incense is used to attract money and good luck. It is often used in rituals and spells related to prosperity and financial success.

  • What is money drawing incense?

Money drawing incense is incense used to attract money and prosperity. It is often used in magical rituals and spells to manifest wealth and abundance. The most popular recipe for money-drawing incense includes frankincense, myrrh, and cinnamon. Other ingredients that are said to be good for attracting money are basil, bay leaves, and sandalwood.

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Draw more money into your life, eradicate any of the blocks that might be holding you back and start enjoying life. If you feel that something might be hindering the flow of money in your life, then simply purchase a couple of these incense and burn them in your house as directed. Open up the closed doors today.

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