Why Does My Incense Smell Like Smoke?

Incense smoke

Last Updated on February 17, 2023 by IncenseJunction

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We all burn incense for different reasons, most of us for the pleasant aroma. But have you ever encountered a certain type of incense and noticed that the incense smells like smoke? The truth is, there are high chances that your incense will emit that kind of smell.

Why does my incense smell like smoke?

The main reason behind this is the ingredients of the incense in question. Many studies have concluded that incense produces different amounts of Carbon Monoxide, Sulfur Dioxide, as well as Nitric Oxide.

These are components that are found in smoke from wood. Some tests have found that if these components are in excess amounts, they would have the potential to affect your health adversely.

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Nevertheless, this is one reason why my incense smells like smoke. We also know that incense, mainly incense sticks, contains bamboo on which other ingredients are mounted. If the bamboo stick is large enough, its smoke might overpower the incense and you may get the smoke smell.

We recommend that you consider the quality of the incense you are purchasing. It would be better to purchase some high-quality incense from a well-known brand to avoid such nuisances. Here is a guide to learn how to get rid of strong incense smell.

How long does incense smoke smell last?

Incense smoke is an incredibly powerful smell, capable of filling an entire room in no time. But how long does that smell last? If you are burning incense for a special occasion, or just want the scent to fill a room for a longer period of time, it is important to understand how long incense smoke will linger in the air.

The exact amount of time that incense smoke will remain in the air varies depending on the type of incense you are burning, the type of room or environment, and the number of sticks or cones you have lit. Some incense will naturally have a stronger scent and will linger in the air longer, while others may be more subtle and dissipate faster. Generally speaking, however, the smoke will remain in the air for 30 minutes to an hour, sometimes even longer.

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