Incense vs. Candles – What is the Difference

Are incense better than candles

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We all want to live in a home that smells nice. When you invite some friends and family, you want them to appreciate the scent of your house. It does not matter if you are trying to fight off the odor of a stinky dog, or simply want to improve the ambiance of the house. The fact is that there are very simple ways of improving the scent of your house.

Different ways are available to allow you to achieve that. These range from diffusers, candles, and incense, as well as room sprays. The fact is, there are different ways of getting the ambiance you want in your house.

There is a discussion about the difference between incense vs. candles. Which one should you get for your home? Well, this is a handy guide to help you differentiate these two and identify the one that would work best for your home.


Burning incense stick

ir?t=incensejunction 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B000KEINJQLet’s start with incense. Is incense better than candles?

Incense cones and sticks are mainly made from a couple of combustible substances. These substances will provide a certain fragrance when burned. The word incense comes from a Latin word that means “to burn.”

The scents and materials that are used to make incense are plant-based. They include flowers, roots, seeds, bark, as well as resins. Some common ingredients include cinnamon, frankincense, sandalwood, and patchouli. However, the specific material used will depend on the manufacturer.

Reasons for Choosing Incense

Incense will provide a quick fragrance boost. So, if you do not have much time, you can simply choose incense. They will burn for a short while, usually, less than one hour and the fragrance produced will be strong when burned. To prepare for the day ahead of you, you should light some in the money for the gentle flow and sense of balance.

Scented Candles

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One difference that comes up in the incense sticks vs. scented candles comparison is the ingredients. Scented candles are mainly made using a combination of scented oil and wax. When it is lit, the aromas will diffuse in the air. The ingredients that manufacturers use might vary.

When to Choose Candles

Scented candles, unlike incense sticks and cones, are not just about adding an amazing fragrance to your space. The flickering flame will give you the bonus of candlelight that will cast an amazing glow in your space. They are great if you are trying to set a certain mood and are trying to relax at home.

These candles will give you the best if you light them for over one hour. The life of a candle will indeed be cut down considerably if you burn it for short periods. Therefore, ensure that you have adequate time so that the molten wax reaches the candle jar’s edge. The time it will take depends on the candle’s diameter.

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So, which is Best?

Incense vs. candles health benefits is something to consider. Since incense sticks and cones have certain plant-based ingredients, they would have more health benefits depending on the type of plant from which they are made, as well as how natural they are.

Additionally, the time you have to burn will determine which one to use. Candles will require more time compared to incense. Time as little as 10 minutes should be adequate when it comes to burning incense.

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Now that we have compared incense vs. candles, do you want to know our recommendation? It is quite simple. Why settle for one? Do not choose. Simply get them all. With a good blend of incense and candle aromas, you can create a signature scent that others cannot match. Get both candles and incense and enjoy the best of both worlds.

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