Why Does My Incense Keep Going Out?

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Nothing calms and soothes you like a fresh aroma produced by a burning incense stick or cone. It will not only light up your mood but also reduce your anxiety and relieve your stress. We all know how amazing meditation is with the fresh aroma.

But think of this. You light up an incense cone or an incense stick, place it on an incense holder or incense burner and start meditating. When you start meditating and are really into it, you realize that the smoke stops. The incense stick or incense cone has burnt for only a few minutes but is not burnt completely. The first thing you will do is light the incense again, but then, it goes off again.

A process that should have been relaxing and meditative suddenly turns to complete frustration and you can’t help but wonder, “why won’t my incense stick keep smoking?” We understand how irritating this would be to you and we aim to help you. If your incense keeps going out and you are looking for a solution, then you are in the right place.

Stay tuned to find out the possible problems and solutions.

Possible Problems

Once you notice that incense won’t stay lit, there are several possible problems. The first thing you will feel like blaming is the incense stick or cone. At that point, you will feel like throwing the incense out. To be honest, one of the reasons why your incense keeps going out is its quality. Nevertheless, it does not necessarily have to be the reason.

Three factors contribute to an incense cone or incense stick going out prematurely. Let’s get into these factors.

  • The Incense

Incense is available in several forms. The market has spirals, incense sticks, powders, cones, and other natural forms such as resins or herbs that are tied together. We have recognized that the quality of your incense might be causing it to go out prematurely.

The way the products or ingredients are put together might cause a problem. For instance, the binding material might not be combustible enough or it could simply be of poor quality. In these cases, the material would not be able to sustain the ember adequately. There are high-quality brands in the market and you should make sure that you purchase high-quality products to avoid this problem.

  • Storage

How do you store your incense? If you read the packet in which incense sticks are sold, you will note certain instructions regarding the best storage methods. If you do not store properly, you will have this problem. You should also avoid exposing incense to moisture. The incense that has been in storage for a long would have absorbed more moisture over that period, especially if it is store in an open packet. An airtight storage method would be perfect for storing your incense, especially if you bought it in bulk.

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  • Moisture

You should check if incense has moisture before lighting it. There are chances that your incense cone or stick might have moisture, which would mean that the incense won’t stay lit. So, what is the solution? It is quite simple. If it has a bit of moisture, you can try heating it using a heat lamp. It is also possible for the stick or cone to be extremely wet due to the oil it has, in which case you would have to wipe it off using a tissue or dry cloth.

Note: The essential oils are supposed to light, which means that they are a possible fire hazard. You should avoid putting them inside a microwave or oven trying to dry them.

The Holder

We use incense holders to avoid any chances of causing an unwanted fire. Different types of incense holders are meant to work for different types of incense, while some would work with incense cones, as well as incense sticks.

Some of the incense holders would hold the incense stick in such a way that the stick lies directly on the holder. Others just have a dedicated hole to hold the stick. These will hold the stick at a certain angle, ensuring that it has adequate oxygen to keep burning until it is out.

If you have the box type that requires the stick to lie directly on it, you should consider checking the box’s bottom. You should include a layer of ash that will be under the incense. Why is that important? If the incense holder is made using metal, there are chances that the stick will not sustain the ember, and eventually, it will go out.

So, what do you do if you do not have access to ash? Other options can replace the ash, such as salt, clean sand, or some uncooked rice.

The box-type holders are great because they hold the incense inside them. That will prevent any chances of touching the sticks while burning. Regardless, there are chances that the cover of this box might be the reason why the incense keeps going out. This cover will result in the reduction of oxygen that the incense comes in contact with and the burning process will eventually stop. The other holders that have a dedicated hold will hold the incense at an angle and it will be in the air with access to adequate oxygen to keep burning.

Box type holders have holds to improve the flow of air. However, after using a box-type holder for a long time, some soot might build up and block the holes. Therefore, you should clean it after some use to remove any possible blockage and make sure that there is an adequate flow of air.

The Way You Light Up the Incense

Why won’t my incense cones stay lit? The final reason why your incense will keep going out is the way you light it. It might keep burning, but only if you do it the right way. Otherwise, it will simply go out after a short while. So, what is the right way to light up incense?

Let us start with cones.

Cones will usually burn out faster than other types of incense. Additionally, they will produce more smoke compared to incense sticks. That is why the use of incense burners is recommended because the excessive smoke will allow it to have a beautiful appearance, depending on the type of burner you are using.

So, the first thing you will do when lighting an incense cone is placed it on a burner, making sure the pointed side is up. You should then use a match or lighter to light the tip. After it catches fire, you should allow it to burn for around 10 seconds and then blow the flame out gently. If you blow it out properly, you will notice it will still be lit and glowing and fragrant smoke will be produced as a result. In most cases, they will not burn for more than 30 minutes, although that depends on the size of the incense cone.

Now, let’s go to incense sticks

Incense sticks are the most common type. They have a length of around 11 inches and are available in many fragrances. So, how do you light an incense stick?

First, you have to make sure that you have something that will catch the ash.

Secondly, you need to make sure that it either stands straight or in a diagonal position. Alternatively, use an incense burner that will place it in the right manner. You can easily fill a container with some sand and place the stick in the sand so that it faces up. That sand will hold the incense stick firmly and will also catch the ash produced so that your container is protected. Another method would be to put it inside a bottle with a layer of sand. That smoke will still come out through the bottle’s mouth.

After setting up the incense stick properly, you should light the tip using a lighter or match. After it catches a flame, allow it to burn for around 10 seconds, after which you should blow out the flame. Just like cones, the end will smolder and smoke will be released. If you notice that the stick goes out immediately, you can light it again. The lower-quality sticks will usually be harder to light properly. The incense sticks will usually burn for around 30 minutes to completion and all that will be left is the ash.

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Why does my incense stick keep going out? We have provided a list of all the possible reasons why your incense might be going out even before it burns to completion. You should try diagnosing your incense stick or incense cone to find the problem, then address it.

It is important to maintain certain safety precautions when you are burning incense. For instance, making sure that the room is ventilated properly so that smoke does not build up. You should also do your best to keep the incense from any pets or children. Avoid it if you have any other respiratory problems.

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