Is Incense Bad For Birds? Is Burning Incense Bad For Parrots?

Is Burning Incense Bad For Parrots

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While incense has many benefits including freshening the air, it is important to consider if it might affect any pets that you have. Birds are among the most sensitive pets in our home. You can’t help but wonder, is incense bad for birds?

In this brief post, we aim to explain the effect that burning incense might have on your bird pets.

Effect of Burning Incense on Birds

Incense, when burnt, produces carbon monoxide and compounds such as xylene, acetone, benzene, and many more. When a bird breathes in polluted air, it becomes harder to breathe. Lungs, as well as the air sacs, fill up with mucus. In the end, the bird either falls sick or dies.

You should know that birds are very sensitive to what is in the air. If you care about your bird, you should be careful what you include in its environment. Incense smoke, among others such as aerosol sprays, cleaners, and other products with strong smells can easily harm a bird.

In the past, birds were carried in coal miles to check the air’s toxicity. In case a bird died, the miners would tell that the air had harmful gases.

Remember: Birds are more sensitive compared to human beings. Therefore, a faint scent that would not bother you would easily make a bird fall sick.

To be on the safe side, it is advisable to avoid burning incense if you have a bird.

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Burning incense can be very harmful to pets, mainly birds. It does not matter the breed you have as a pet. It is better to avoid burning incense in the bird’s environment. We also recommend that you find out about any other pets you might have at home.

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