Is Incense Safe for Cats and Dogs?

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In most of our homes, we have a certain fresh air achieved by burning incense. When we burn incense, we can let go of anxiety, stress, and simply calm down. It is undeniable that the aroma and fragrance produced by incense have a good relaxing effect on us.

Can we say the same for the pets in our homes? Is burning incense safe for cats and dogs or any other pets that are in our homes? Is Jasmine incense or any other incense type safe for cats and dogs? It is normal for a caring owner to wonder about the effects of burning incense on pets around.

In this post, we will discuss the effects that burning incense has on pets, mainly cats and dogs. We will explain why you might want to reconsider burning incense near your cat or dog. Let’s get started.

How does Burning Incense affect your Pets Negatively

Is Dragon’s Blood Incense Safe for Cats?

It is not a good idea to burn Dragon’s blood incense near your cat. However, it would probably be fine if the cat is in an area with proper ventilation.

Is Jasmine Incense Safe for Cats and Dogs?

Even though Jasmine has an amazing scent, it tends to be strong for cats and dogs. Therefore, it would not be a good idea to burn Jasmine close to cats and dogs.

Is Nag Champa Safe for Cats and Dogs?

Nag Champa is among the most popular scents on the planet. However, when it comes to cats and dogs, it can cause some breathing problems.

Is Rose Incense Safe for Cats and Dogs?

As much as rose incense appeals to you, it does not do the same for cats and dogs. It is a strong scent that can easily irritate, or even harm your cat or your dog.

Is Lavender Incense Safe for Cats and Dogs?

Burning Lavender close to your dog or your cat is not a good idea. However, when you have proper ventilation, it might not be a huge problem.

Is Sandalwood Incense Safe for Cats and Dogs?

Proper ventilation is advised for anyone who wants to burn Sandalwood incense. However, to avoid harming your animals, we recommend that you choose an alternative.

Is Patchouli Safe for Dogs?

Dogs, especially bulldogs, pugs, and such, tend to be affected most by harmful particles produced by burning patchouli incense.

Alternatives to Incense

Even though burning incense can be bad for cats, dogs, and birds, we still need the air around us to be fresh. If you want to eradicate the odor from your house or a room, there are alternatives. Do they work? Yes, they do.

First, you should start by dusting your house frequently. Dust is one of the reasons why our houses develop certain odors that affect the fresh air.

You can also try baking soda, which absorbs any bad odors from carpeting and furniture. Simply sprinkle baking soda then allow it to sit for 48 hours after which you can vacuum.

Fragrant plants like lemon balm, sage, and rosemary are very useful in eradicating odors from the space around you.

If you still want to Burn Incense…

In case you must use incense in your house, we would recommend that you take certain steps.

Before you burn incense, ensure that the pet is nowhere in sight. A cat or dog would easily pick up the scent and try to find it. The best thing to do is to lock them up in a room where they cannot come find the scent.

It is also important that you ensure the house is ventilated properly before you burn incense. Open all airways so that the circulation is good.

You should also avoid low-quality incense. They will easily release harmful particles that would cause more severe problems in your pets. Check to find incense that is made using natural products.

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In general, when you burn incense, you could be putting your pet in harm’s way. The respiratory systems of humans are different from pets. You should try using other methods that serve the same purpose as incense, just to be on the safe side.

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