Burning Incense and Candles at the Same Time

Candles and incense

We all know the therapeutic effects of a pleasant aroma in the room, coupled with flickering candlelight. Everyone feels more relaxed when you add these two to your daily routine. With that in mind, we can see just how effective aromatherapy can be in ensuring your wellness.

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Now, even though these are useful aspects of aromatherapy, the burning of candles and incense has been practiced for a very long time.

We have prepared this post to discuss whether it is possible, whether it has effects, or if there are any rules or guidelines you need to follow when combining candles and incense. Stay tuned for more information.

Burning Incense and Candles

Burning incense and candles

Air, scent, and fire have been used for invoking balance and harmony. The use of incense together with candles has also been a very big part of religious ceremonies and rituals. When you combine incense and candles, you will simply create a certain unique ambiance that will keep you in a certain mood or state.

It does not matter whether you will be combining incense and candles for religious purposes or not. What we know for sure, is that it produces a certain power.

In different rituals, whether Japanese, Chinese, or Buddhist, you will notice that incense is put together with candles. Incense is known to be helpful in the clearing of spaces and summoning certain entities for ritual purposes.

In Taoist ceremonies, the burning of candles together with joss sticks was meant as an offering. At the doors, incense is burned together with candles as offerings to gods.

In Christianity, you will notice that incense and candles are burned for reasons almost similar to Eastern religions. They are meant to help in the purification of spaces and the offering of supplications.


As you can see, combining candles and incense is quite common. It is a natural part of many ceremonies and rituals.

Regardless of the reason, it is not a surprise that the combination of these things seems natural. In fact, it is a luxurious process. The soft aroma of the burning incense always pairs well with the low flickering candlelight. With this combination, you will be able to prepare a peaceful and calming atmosphere in which you can relax and simply unwind.

In Conclusion

It does not matter what you aim to achieve. You can be looking for an atmosphere that works for meditation, or even want to perform a ritual. Regardless, you can be sure that incense and candles will give your space an atmosphere that prepares your senses and your mind for the task at hand.

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