Why is Maum Meditation Considered a Cult?

Maum Meditation

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You are probably reading this post because you have heard about Maum meditation before. If you have not, you should know that it is a technique of Korean origin, started by Woo Myung in 1996. Even though it continues to gain popularity over the years, there have been different discussions referring it to the Maum meditation cult.

There are different techniques of meditation. However, this one is somewhat different. So, why is maum meditation considered a cult?

Let’s look at it closer together.

About Maum Meditation

This technique involves getting a person to get over the false mind. To achieve that, the person has to imagine him or herself falling into a black hole, or dying. It is considered a form of subtraction meditation. The main aim is to convince you that the world you are living in is false and is a trap to hide the real thing.

As you would expect, many people will believe it is a Maum meditation cult. There is a lot of controversy surrounding how this sort of meditation works.

So, is it a Cult?

The truth is that this form of meditation involves more risks than you would experience from regular meditation. The fact that people believe it is more of a cult does not reflect much. However, the truth is that those who have gone through meditation think it involves more mind control.

This form of meditation will exert a lot of societal and psychological pressure on you. If you are not careful, this simultaneous pressure might overwhelm you. When it does, you will get rid of critical thinking and will voluntarily fall into the Maum meditation cult’s trap.

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Why is Maum meditation considered a cult? Well, that is not all. You will need to pay, with the final training requiring that you pay a lot more than you require.

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