Why Do I Feel Pressure on My Forehead During Meditation?

Pressure on the Forehead

Meditation is an excellent practice for reducing stress and improve mental and physical health. However, some people may experience sensations like pressure on their forehead during meditation. This experience can be confusing and may interfere with meditation practice. Therefore, it is essential to understand the causes and management of pressure on the forehead during meditation.

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What Causes Pressure on the Forehead During Meditation?


Several factors can cause pressure on the forehead during meditation, and one of the most common causes is excessive muscle tension. Here are some other reasons:

Tension in the Eyes and Eyebrows

When meditating, people may subconsciously cause pressure on their forehead by placing tension on their eyes and eyebrows while trying to focus their attention.

Poor Posture

During meditation, poor postures, such as slouching or hunching, can cause muscle tension in various body parts, including the forehead.

Blocked Energy

According to some spiritual practices, the forehead is the location of the third eye chakra. Blockages in this chakra may cause pressure on the forehead during meditation.

How to Manage Pressure on the Forehead During Meditation?

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If you experience pressure on your forehead during meditation, here are some ways to manage it:

Relax the Forehead Muscles

You can relax the forehead muscles by gently massaging the area with your fingertips or making soft circular motions with your fingers. You can also try to consciously release any tension from your forehead and facial muscles.

Correct Your Posture

Maintain a good posture while meditating to avoid excessive tension on your forehead muscles. Sit with your back straight, shoulders relaxed, and chin parallel to the ground.

Focus on the Sensation

If the pressure becomes too strong during meditation, do not strain to think your mantra against the pain. Instead, let your attention gently be with the sensation of pressure. Putting your attention on the sensation will facilitate stress release.

Use a Meditation Prop

Using a meditation prop, such as a cushion or block, can help align your spine and alleviate muscle tension, including forehead pressure.


Can forehead pressure during meditation be harmful?

Forehead pressure during meditation is usually harmless and can be managed easily. However, if the pressure is too strong or accompanied by other symptoms like headaches or dizziness, it is advisable to stop meditating and consult a doctor.

Is it common to feel pressure on the forehead during meditation?

Yes, feeling pressure on the forehead during meditation is a common experience, and it usually indicates excessive muscle tension in that specific area.



Feeling pressure on your forehead during meditation can be a common experience, and it is usually caused by excessive muscle tension in that area. Sometimes, this pressure is due to the subconscious tension placed on the eyes and eyebrows when trying to focus during meditation. If you experience relaxing tingles during meditation, you might be experiencing ASMR.

However, according to Deepak Chopra, pressure on the forehead after meditation might indicate that you are preoccupied with worries and thoughts. This could be a sign that you need to clear your mind and try to relax during your meditation practice.

If you are experiencing pressure on your forehead during meditation, it is important to focus on relaxing your muscles and clearing your mind. You can try breathing exercises or guided meditation to help alleviate the pressure and achieve a deeper meditative state. Additionally, it might be helpful to experiment with different meditation techniques to find what works best for you.

Have you experienced pressure on your forehead during meditation? What techniques have helped you alleviate this sensation? Share your experience in the comments below and let’s learn from each other.

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