How To Put Out A Smudge Stick Without Sand

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So, you have completed the smudging ritual in your house or your space and would like to put out the smudging stick so that you can reuse it later. The glowing sticks will easily burn your hands, which means that putting them out by hand is not an option.

Normally, people use sand to put out the smudge sticks after completing the smudging ritual. But what happens if this is not an option for you? Well, no need to worry.

This brief article will explain how to put out smudge sticks without sand. Let’s dig into this.

Other Alternatives

While using sand is a great way to extinguish smudge sticks, it is not always an option. However, you can choose to use ash placed in a bowl or an abalone shell the same way you would use sand. It will work just as well.

You should also know that when a smudge stick burns for a while without adequate flow, it will put out itself. Therefore, another way to put out a smudge stick without sand is by allowing it to go out by itself. This will normally take around 30 minutes. However, you have to ensure that there is not much airflow since it will keep burning.

Finally, you can simply choose to press it down gently on the abalone shell you are using. Abalone shells can be replaced with ashtrays, glass, or even clay bowls. Just make sure that the bowl cannot burn.

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These methods of putting out smudge sticks allow you to reuse them whenever you want. If that is your aim, you should refrain from using water to put out a smudge stick. That is because when you use water, there are chances that the smudge stick will have a problem lighting when you decide to relight and reuse it.

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