Can You Reuse A Smudge Stick?

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Imagine this, you have smudged your space or the things you want to cleanse and have completed the smudging ritual. There are many ways you can use to get rid of the remaining smudge sticks, which include burying them to ensure the ritual is complete.

However, people are always wondering about the possibility of simply putting smudge sticks out, and storing them properly to reuse them later. Is it acceptable? What is recommended? Can you reuse a smudge stick? We prepared this article hoping to answer that question. Here we go.

After Smudging

Smudge Stick

After you complete the smudging ritual, you should not throw it out. We recommend that you put it out correctly, mainly using sand or ash in a bowl or abalone shell, then storing the remaining sticks properly. Once you put out the smudge sticks, you should store them properly in an area without humidity.

You should know that reusing smudge sticks can be quite a problem if you do not use proper storage methods. The smudge sticks can easily absorb humidity, which makes it harder to relight them when you need to.

Can you reuse a smudge stick? There is no problem reusing a smudge stick. You can perform different smudging rituals with the same smudge stick.

Even so, different experts recommend that you use a new smudge stick whenever you start a new cleansing ritual.

Are There Risks or Side Effects of Reusing Smudge Sticks?

When you use the smudge sticks with respect and correctly, you should not expect any side effects when reusing the smudging sticks.

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Smudge sticks do not lose their cleansing power after being put out. This is the main reason why people wonder about reusing the sticks for a different smudging ritual. When you put out the smudge sticks, we recommend that you store them in the bowl or shell used to put them out.

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