How to Use Sandalwood Incense for Cleansing


There are different uses or purposes for burning incense. Each of the types of incense in the market has a specific unique purpose. You can enjoy the healing properties or even get some good relaxing sleep.

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One amazing purpose of incense is cleansing. The problem, however, is that not all types of incense can be used for cleansing.

So, is sandalwood good for cleansing?

We have taken a deeper look into the cleansing benefits of sandalwood and have prepared this post to enlighten you. Let’s find out together if you can use sandalwood incense for cleansing and the best way to do that.

Can I use sandalwood incense for cleansing?

Sandalwood incense has been in use for thousands of years. It is mainly popular because it has a sweet aroma and its spiritual benefits. But what’s more, is that the great aroma produced by sandalwood incense will cleanse everything and anyone it touches.

It is a feminine herb that is associated with water and the moon. It is strongly believed that once you burn sandalwood incense, it eradicates the bad karma. All your weaknesses will be replaced with strengths.

This means that it is a great choice for anyone looking to cleanse him or herself, as well as the environment around.

Best Way to Use Sandalwood Incense for Cleansing

There are various ways you can attain the benefits of sandalwood incense.

Energy cleanse is always recommended when you get home after a stressful day, or when you burn incense to cleanse your energy, it will help restore balance. When you are stressed or simply not yourself, pick a very peaceful place and light some sandalwood incense. You should then meditate and speak some positivity while doing so.

With the help of sandalwood, your spirits will be lifted and all the negativity will be cleansed and erased from your life. You can also choose this to align your chakra with adequate protection from sandalwood.

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How To Use Sandalwood incense to cleanse my crystals

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In case you do not know, crystals are very effective in improving mindfulness and absorbing all negative energies around. You can promote positivity with its help. We highly recommend that you recharge your stones and crystals with the help of sandalwood incense. That is to say that you cleanse the crystals and restore them to their original state.

In that sense, you will invigorate their power and your purpose. So, how do you do it? Simply light your incense and allow it to fill your entire space. Every inch around you that is touched by the aroma is cleansed immediately. You should shift vibrations as the smoke moves around.

Make sure that you pass your crystals through that smoke for proper cleansing.


  • How do you use a sandalwood smudge stick?

The most common way to use a smudge stick is to light the end of it with a match or lighter, and then blow out the flame. After that, you wave the smudge stick around yourself in order to cleanse out any negative energy that may be hanging around. You can also wave the smudge stick over your body while saying prayers or mantras, or even over other people.
Next, smudge any objects in the room that need cleansing — like crystals or other jewelry, mirrors, windowsills, doorways, etc.
  • What to say when cleansing with Sandalwood incense?

Here are some things you can say when cleansing with incense:

  • “May this smoke cleanse all negativity from my space.”
  • “May this smoke cleanse all negativity from my mind.”
  • “May this smoke cleanse all negativity from my heart.”
  • “May this smoke cleanse all negativity from my life.”
  • “May this incense purify and cleanse my mind, body, and spirit.”
  • “As this smoke rises, so do my prayers.”
  • “May all negative energy be driven away by these burning embers.”
  • “This cleansing smoke will protect me from harm.”


There are different reasons why people cleanse themselves or the spaces around them. We highly recommend that you make a habit of cleansing yourself, the environment around you, as well as your crystals. With the help of sandalwood, you can easily eradicate any negative energies that might be lurking around you.

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