How to Cleanse and Charge Sodalite

sodalite cleansing

There are different crystals, each with a unique purpose. You will find one for love, another for protection. However, nothing beats sodalite when it comes to intuition, skills, and communication.

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How much do you know about sodalite? Well, similar to other healing crystals, will take up all the negative energy around you.

We have prepared this post to help you figure out what sodalite is. We will also discuss how to cleanse sodalite and recharge it. Let’s get to it.

Sodalite – Overview


You can recognize sodalite easily when you come across it. Its colors can vary – but not so much – from dark, medium, or light blue. It will have some white spots or veins.

It is a popular gemstone that is found almost anywhere in shops. It is named so because it has a high sodium content. It was first found in Greenland in the 19th century after which its use spread greatly to Canada. Now, it is commonly used in Australia, Tanzania, China, Portugal, as well as Brazil.

Sodalite is most commonly used for energy and healing purposes. It serves as a lucky charm, as well as a protection crystal across the world.

How to Cleanse and Charge Sodalite

Do you know how to cleanse sodalite crystal? Unfortunately, the crystal does not cleanse or recharge itself. That is the part you have to play to ensure that it remains in perfect working conditions. It is recommended that you do it regularly too. The best time is after a month. But how do you do it? Here are a few options.

Note: There is no better method of cleansing sodalite than moonlight. The light is gentle and will match the energy of the crystal.

  •  Moonlight

To cleanse the crystal with moonlight, you need to start by polishing it using a silk cloth, after which you should place the crystal outside after the sun sets. You should also manifest something that you need to let go of and finally take your sodalite just after the sun rises.

The energy produced by moonlight features latent power. You should know that the sodalite is cleansed easily by moonlight. Sunlight, on the other hand, will charge it.

  • Sunlight

Even though moonlight works best in cleansing the crystal, there are other effective methods such as sunlight. The thing about the sun is that it does more charging and not cleansing because of its masculine energy. It is the Yin and Yang character of the moon and the sun.

However, you should be careful. It would be better if you charge sodalite using energy provided by the morning sun.

Remember to consider the time of year you are charging the crystal. Certain times like eclipses have energies you do not want.

  •  Meditation

With meditation, you will be cleansing the crystal. Additionally, you will be healing your body at the same time. That is why it is among the most preferred methods of cleansing crystals. With gentle breathing and focus, you will be able to direct your spiritual energy to the sodalite.

To make this process a success, we recommend that you be intentional. Only allow positive feelings and emotions when meditating. You do not want any negative energies being directed to the crystal. Otherwise, the cleansing process will be a failure.

  •  Smoke

With the help of smoke, you can harness the power of fire for the sodalite crystal. You can easily bring the flame in contact with the stone for a couple of seconds so that the negative energy that is in the crystal is removed. When it comes to smoke, there is no better option than incense smoke. J

For this to work, you should move the stone around the smoke for a couple of seconds, preferably around 30 seconds. With incense, you can cleanse the stone and cleanse your home at the same time.

Remember that positive intentions during this time are very important.

  • Sound

We all know that certain sound frequencies can provide certain healing effects for people. They also aid in meditation. Did you know that sound can be used for cleansing crystals? Well, when you have many stones that you need to cleanse, you can make use of sound to cleanse all the stones at once. It is a method that works with all crystals.

How do you produce these sounds? You can choose between bells, tuning forks, or even chanting.

  • Rice

Very surprising, right? How would rice clean the sodalite? Well, you know how you through your gadgets in rice when they fall in some water? It is essentially the same thing with sodalite. The rice easily absorbs the negative energy that is in the sodalite. For the method to work well, the sodalite crystal should be fully immersed in the rice. Leave it for around 24 hours.

Note: When the process is done, the rice will be filled with negative energy. Therefore, you should not use it for other purposes. Do not eat it. Simply throw it out.

  • Energy

Different types of crystals hold different levels of energy. Therefore, you can use crystals for cleansing. You can use crystals to cleanse other crystals. Some like geodes and quartz are perfect for cleansing sodalite. It would use crystals that have more energy to cleanse those that hold less energy.

How do you do it? Well, all you have to do is put your crystals inside or on other crystals and allow them to stay that way for 24 hours.

Things you cannot use for Cleansing

There are other common methods of cleansing, even though they might not work as well when you are cleansing sodalite.

  • Salt

Salt is popular for cleansing. However, when the crystal comes in contact with salt, it will be damaged. In most cases, it will simply crack or affect the minerals inside it. If you are completely decided on using salt, or if it is the only method you trust, you should not allow contact between the two.

You can, however, place the sodalite in a package after which you can place it in the salt.

  • Water

Water works perfectly for cleansing other types of crystals. However, it will damage the sodalite crystal just like salt will. The hardness level of the stone means that it will easily break or crack when placed in water for long. After being damaged, you cannot put it back together.

Best Time to Cleanse Sodalite Crystals

When should you cleanse your sodalite crystal?

  • After Getting It

Whether you have purchased the crystal or received it as a gift, you should cleanse it. Honestly, the crystal will have come in contact with other forms of energy and will have gone through certain troubles. That is why you will need to cleanse it. That way, the present energy will be replaced with a positive form of energy, allowing it to work perfectly.

  • After a Month

If you are regularly using your sodalite by wearing it, then it would be preferable to cleanse it monthly. It is a method that ensures the crystal remains clean and functional for a long time.

  • Seasonal Cleansing

If you like to use crystals for decoration or protection of your home, then seasonal cleanses are recommended. Even though they will not require much maintenance, they will be affected by a change in seasons. That is why seasonal cleaning is important.

  • Whenever you want

Finally, you can cleanse your crystals whenever you like. That means that if you feel it has absorbed a large amount of negative energy, you can clean it. There is no specific cleansing cycle that you should adhere to.

How do you know it is Cleansed?

Identifying if your crystal is properly cleansed can be a challenge. The only effective thing you can do is to try and recognize the form of energy that is in the crystal. If you feel negative energy inside it, then you might need to cleanse it again.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Are there variations of sodalite?

Are there different types of sodalite? Well, there is a Chameleon sodalite, also known as hackmanite. It is normally violet or pink and it has a feature that allows it to change color once exposed to sunlight. It will revert to its original color after removal from the sun.

You should know that this is a healing crystal with immense power. It is more powerful than sodalite. It also features a positive vibe and a calming effect, making it a perfect crystal for those who want to meditate. It will encourage you to think rationally, clear your mind, and simply help you examine yourself deeper.


Now that you know how to cleanse sodalite, we recommend that you try out different methods. However, the method we have found to work perfectly is cleansing with moonlight and charging with morning sunlight. Remember to keep the crystal away from salt or water. When your sodalite crystal is in the best state, the healing properties will remain for longer and it will serve you well.

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