Different Types of Dream Catchers and their Meanings

Dream Catchers

Dream catchers have been a very important part of Native American culture. Unfortunately, what you will find in the market today might only be plastic ones that are simple imitations of the real thing. The real thing features thread webs, feathers, leather, as well as some beads. They are only made using natural materials.

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There are different types of dream catchers with different colors. These variations also happen to have different meanings. The different attachments added to the web also have different meanings. It is understandable if this comes as a surprise to you. After all, most people think they are only decorative.

We have prepared this post to enlighten you about different types of dream catchers and their meanings. We will also answer the question, ‘what do the colors of dream catchers mean?’ and help you understand what each part of a dream catcher symbolizes. Stay tuned!

Types of Dream Catchers and their Meaning

Types of Dream Catchers

You have to understand the different types of dream catchers and their meanings before deciding you want one. There are different designs and patterns of dream catchers you can come across. That means that there are different spiritual meanings for dream catchers. Here are the most popular.

1. Traditional Native American Dream Catchers

These are the most popular. They are made using natural elements only. Normally, you will notice that the web was attached to the hoop at eight points, which symbolized a spider’s legs. The spider is a representation of wisdom, learning, as well as the dream catcher’s energy.

Dreams are trapped by the web on the catcher and they descend to the feathers, making a person’s dreams pleasant. Additionally, negative dreams are lessened or delayed. The spirits that would cause bad dreams are trapped by the threads and they disappear.

2. Asian Dream Catchers

You can also come across Asian dream catchers. You can identify them from the zodiac symbols and animal figures in their designs. The symbols will boost the dream catcher’s strength as per their meanings.

Therefore, a certain dream catcher’s strength depends on the symbol on it.

3. Siberian Shamans’ Dream Catchers

This one is a bit different. It does not attract a certain type of vision and energy. Instead, it will attract good visions, as well as nightmares. Shamans would use the good and bad visions to see trapped spirits.

The shaman would then confront the negative forces by penetrating deeper into his consciousness. If you are not experienced in such traditions, you should not purchase such a dream catcher. Don’t get it for your home unless you are an experienced shaman.

Different Parts of a Dream Catcher and their Meanings

dream catcher patterns meanings

If you’ve never looked closely, you would assume that dream catchers are simply hoops that have beads, feathers, and more as decorations. However, the fact is, that each feature of a dream catcher, from the accessories, the shape, and the materials, has a certain meaning.

The real traditional dream catcher is made using natural organic materials. That includes the hoop, the webs, and even the beads. So, here are the features of a dream catcher and their meanings.

1. The Hoop

The first thing you will notice when you look at a dream catcher is the hoop on which most parts are attached. Its circular shape is a representation of the circle of life. It shows that life, just like the hoop, goes round and round and has an end or beginning.

At the same time, the circle represents the center. The hoop, in traditional methods, was made using red willow wood. It is a pliable material. You will notice, however, that some are made with different materials.

2. Its Web

Inside the frame, there is a web. It is the second aspect you will notice. Do you know the dream catcher pattern meaning? Well, it is designed to match a spider web. There are two meanings of this web.

It is first a tribute to a spider woman who protected the Ojibwe people. Secondly, just like a spider’s web, it is useful in trapping things. In the case of a dream catcher, it catches bad dreams. At the web’s center, there is a circle representing the goddess’ heart. Through this center, good visions and dreams can come through.

You can make a web using either wool or thread.

3. Feathers

You will also notice different types of feathers with different colors. Even though they might seem decorative, they are not. So, what is the dream catcher feathers meaning? These feathers – usually on the lower parts of the circle – help the attracted good dreams to slide to the person sleeping.

4. Beads

What does the bead in a dream catcher mean? Different dream catchers have different numbers of beads in the web pattern. Different cultures have different interpretations of the meaning of the beads on a dream catcher.

For certain cultures, a single bead represents a spider that made the web. When there are several beads, it will represent how many dreams are captured. They transform into sacred charms.

5. Arrowhead

You might notice that some dream catchers have crosses made using arrowheads. These are normally placed at the web’s center. It is a representation of the earth’s four corners. The four corners are the four directions the wind blows from.

It is strongly believed that the cross made of arrowheads will protect you from misfortune. They will do that by drawing good fortune and strength from the said four corners.

6. Gem Stones

These are added to the dream catcher for different unique reasons. Some people prefer to use a gemstone instead of a bead. In certain areas, obtaining feathers is illegal, which is why they use gemstones.

However, one thing we are sure of is that the gems used will depend on the appearance you want for your dream catcher. That means the type of gem used, the number, as well as its placement.

The Web’s Patterns

You should know that there are symbolic dream catcher pattern meanings. You might not notice it immediately, but there is a specific number of points. Let’s take a look at the dream catcher pattern meanings.

The most number of points you can have is 13 points, which represents 13 phases of the moon. 8 points will represent the spider woman, a sacred goddess for Native Americans. You can also have 7 points, which call to 7 prophecies. You can also have 6 points representing an eagle, or 5 points that stand for a star.

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Different Dream Catcher Colors

Dream Catcher Colors Meanings

There are different color variations for dream catchers. What do the colors of dream catchers mean? Well, let’s take a look.

  • Black

What does a black dream catcher mean? These are dream catchers that help in energy balance. You will find them mostly in doorways or windows, through which the energy flows in or out. It is a color associated with power and sophistication. Pair it with another color to provide a unique design.

  • White

White dream catchers are mostly associated with order, cleanliness, relaxation, as well as meditation. The reason why they are popular is their ability to eradicate bad dreams and allow the good ones to go through.

You can find different sizes and shapes of white dream catchers. Therefore, be careful to ensure that you have one that will best fit your décor.

  • Black and White

These two colors can also be combined in a single dream catcher. The reason for this combination is that they are a balance and provide a certain feeling of equilibrium.

You can find different shapes and designs for black and white dream catchers.

  • Yellow

Normally, yellow is associated strongly with intellect, joy, as well as happiness. If you want to improve focus and energy, then this might just be the dream catcher you need. Their main purpose is to improve relations and creativity.

That is the main reason why they are best suited for creative spaces, offices, and anywhere you feel they are required.

  • Red

They are believed to improve moods and stimulate appetite. You will find them mainly in bedrooms and kitchens where they can serve their purpose best. It is better to place a red dream catcher in a place where people socialize.

  • Blue

A blue dream catcher is associated with success and good fortune. If you are mainly trying to achieve certain goals, then this is the dream catcher for you.

  • Brown

As you would expect, brown is a color that is associated with the earth. It is a representation of different things. It is a natural and humble color, a favorite for different designs of dream catchers. It is believed that this color helps you make better choices. Since it is a grounding color, it helps you maintain focus and retain control.

It is also an encouragement to take action, which is honestly helpful when you are uncertain or stuck.

  • Rainbow

Some believe that the rainbow colors of the dream catcher represent the different stages of human development, from birth to death. Others see the colors as a symbol of hope and new beginnings. Regardless of its specific meaning, the dream catcher is a beautiful and powerful icon that continues to hold significance for many people.

Broken dream catcher meaning

Whether you believe in the spiritual power of dream catchers or not, there’s no denying that they are beautiful objects. Handcrafted from willow branches and adorned with beads and feathers, dream catchers are traditionally used to protect sleepers from bad dreams. But what does it mean if your dream catcher breaks? Some say that it’s a sign that your dreams are about to come true.

Others believe that it’s a sign of negative energy that needs to be released. Regardless of what you believe, a broken dream catcher can be a powerful symbol. So if yours has recently met its demise, take a moment to reflect on what it might mean for you.

What do you do with a broken Dreamcatcher?

There are a few things you can do when you have a broken dreamcatcher. One is to make sure that you dispose of it properly. Bury it in the ground or throw it into running water. This will help to release the bad energy that is trapped in the dreamcatcher. Another option is to repair the dreamcatcher. This can be done by wrapping new thread or string around the hoop and re-weaving the web. Doing this will not only fix the dreamcatcher but also help to cleanse it of negative energy.

Finally, you can simply leave the dreamcatcher as it is. This option is said to be the most powerful, as it allows you to confront your fears head-on. Regardless of what you choose to do, a broken dreamcatcher is a sign that change is coming. Embrace it with open arms.

Meaning of the crescent moon dream catcher

The crescent moon dream catcher is a Native American symbol that represents the stages of life, from birth to death. The shape of the moon is said to represent the pregnant belly of a woman, and the circle in the middle represents the umbilical cord. The three strands hanging down represent the Three Fates, who determine the course of our lives.

The webbing in the dream catcher is said to represent the web of life, and the beads represent our prayers and wishes. The crescent moon is also said to be a symbol of protection, and it is believed that the dream catcher will catch bad dreams and allow only good dreams to reach us.

Direction of dreamcatcher

The direction a dreamcatcher faces is important because it determines which way the bad dreams will go. The Ojibwe people traditionally hung their dreamcatchers upside down above the place where they would sleep. The hole in the center of the web was large enough to allow good dreams to pass through and down the feather to the sleeper below, but small enough to catch and hold bad dreams.

The bad dreams would become entangled in the web and be destroyed by the first light of dawn. Some people believe that the dreamcatcher should be hung facing east so that it can catch the bad dreams as they come in with the rising sun. Others believe that it should be hung facing west so that it can catch the bad dreams as they travel across the night sky. Ultimately, it is up to the dreamer to decide which way their dreamcatcher should face.

Yes, Dream catchers make wonderful gifts for a variety of occasions. For one, they are beautiful works of art that can add a touch of elegance to any home. Dream catchers are also said to possess special powers, which makes them ideal gifts for those seeking protection or guidance in their lives.
Additionally, dream catchers can be personalized with special messages or symbols, making them even more meaningful as gifts. Whether you are looking for a birthday present, a wedding gift, or simply a way to show someone you care, a dream catcher is an impressive and thoughtful choice.

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There are different types of dream catchers, as you have seen, each with a different purpose and meaning. There are also different colors, each with a representation. We would encourage you to try out different variations, or make an informed choice on one that you think you need.

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