Difference Between Tree Agate vs. Moss Agate

Moss Agate

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There are different types of gemstones on the planet and agates are among the most popular. The reason for their popularity is their emotional as well as their physical healing properties. How can you identify them? Well, they have amazing contrasts and colors. But even better, they are easily cut to become amazing jewelry.

Now let’s talk about these agates. There are several distinct types of agates with different colors, sizes, and shapes. But when it comes to appearance, there are two that are completely similar. The tree agate and the moss agate.

What is the moss agate vs. tree agate difference? These are agates that are green and it can be a bit hard to tell them apart. Fortunately, we have done all the research and have prepared this post to help you tell which is which. Here we go.

Detailed Difference

In this section, we will discuss both agates and identify the main tree agate vs. moss agate similarities or differences. Let’s take a deeper look together.

  1. General Overview

A tree agate simply is a stone that features different color bands, which combine to form patterns similar to a tree with branches. That is the main reason for its name. You will find a tree agate in different locations such as the United States, India, Brazil, Kazakhstan, and Madagascar. Since it has rich symbolism and amazing beauty, it has been valued by collectors and artisans similarly.

Moss agate is also an agate but the color is distinctively green and resembles a dense forest. The main source of its name is its resemblance to moss. One tree agate vs. moss agate similarity is that they are both sort after because of their healing properties and their astonishing beauty.

For a long time, the tree agate has been associated with wealth while the moss agate is mainly thought to help bring a sort of harmony or balance to the spirit, body, and mind. The moss agate is also thought to bring you good luck.

  1. Geological Features

If you are not keen enough, you will think that these stones are similar in many ways. However, when you look a bit closer, there are some differences that you will notice.

The tree agate, for instance, features a white and transparent base. This white base also has green inclusions known as dendrites. You can note the resemblance to tree branches. These dendrites are formed after lava touches organic matter like leaves or such. When cooling, the minerals seep into the matter, forming the amazing patterns you notice.

The moss agate, on the other hand, has a different appearance. The surface is noticeably clear and translucent. It also features some green inclusions that are likened to moss.

One similarity they have is that their MOHS hardness ranges from 6.5 to 7.

  1. Metaphysical Properties

Now, let’s dig a bit deeper and check out how tree agate vs. moss agate differ when it comes to metaphysical properties.

We will start with the tree agate’s properties.

  1. Awareness

The stone will encourage you to dig deeper into your soul, examine yourself, and end up forming a calm personality. It will simply improve your self-stability.

  1. Peace

It has long been known that the tree agate will bring you inner peace and tranquility. You will get the same tranquility available in a forest. It is, therefore, a great choice for meditation.

  1. Connection to Nature

Tree agate will help to make your connection with nature stronger and deeper. It is a property that is necessary for restoration and healing. When you hang it in your yard, there are chances that you might attract animals.

  1. Aura Protection

It is believed that the tree agates will provide calm energy that is associated with the heart chakra.

  1. Optimism

If you do not have peace in your mind, you will get tranquility from the stone. It will help you to achieve a deeper mastery and understanding of the ideas in you. Negative energies are calmed and you will stop overthinking so that you stop being destructive and instead become optimistic.

Those are the metaphysical properties that are associated with the tree agate. But is there a tree agate vs. moss agate similarity in this respect? Well, let’s check it out!

  • Forming relationships

If you have a hard time making friends, a moss agate might be just what you need. When you meet new people, wear a gemstone, even if in the form of jewelry and you will have an easier time making new friends.

  • Balancing Emotions

Moss agates are known to enhance tranquility and balance emotionally. If you think that your emotions, whether caring or aggression are over the top, then you can try balancing them with the help of the moss agate.

  • Connection with Nature

In the past, this gemstone was strongly believed to help people create a communication channel with spirits in another realm. Additionally, they helped in harnessing planet elements such as wood, metal, water, fire, and air.

  • A platform for New Things

The moss agate is a great stone to have when you are starting a new chapter of your life. This is specifically great when you are laying groundwork for something important to you. The stone is a reminder that the aspiration you have might take long to bloom and you might need to be patient, but in the end, you will get the fruits of your labor.

  • Connecting to the Heart Chakra

The moss agate has been known to have a connection with the heart chakra. As we all know, the heart chakra is associated strongly with the color green. That is a color related to harmony and healing. The connection between the stone and the chakra affects the upper back, lower lungs, as well as heart.


  • Is moss agate a chalcedony?

Moss agate is a variety of chalcedony that is usually found in the form of a geode. It is named after the moss-like inclusions seen throughout its outer surface.

Moss agate is a type of chalcedony, which is a cryptocrystalline form of silica that has been formed by the accumulation of fine-grained quartz sand under pressure. Chalcedony has been used as a gemstone since ancient times and has been described as “the queen of stones” because it forms many varieties that are prized for their beauty and variety.

  • What is the rarest agate?

The rarest agate is a difficult question to answer as there are many factors that determine the rarity of a stone.

The most important factor is its age. Agate deposits are often found in large deposits. These deposits can be mined out over time, and this is why older agates are much rarer than younger ones.

Another important factor is the location of the deposit. Some locations produce better quality agates than others, and these stones are more valuable or have more potential for being popular with collectors.

Agates can also be rare because they have unusual colors or patterns that make them stand out from other types of stones. These stones are usually more expensive than ordinary ones, but they may also be harder to find if they come from limited sources.

  • What is the rarest color of agate?

Ellensburg Blue is the rarest color of agate, and is regarded as the third rarest gemstone in the world.

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We have now looked at the differences between the stones. The moss agate vs. tree agate difference extends from appearance to the healing properties. Even after all that difference, the one similar thing they have is that they are both beautiful. They are perfect sources of jewelry that can help heal you in the process.

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